“Allocate,This day of the mountain snow lotus,I am going to pick it up now.。”
Shen Xuan said seriously:“In this mountain,Various animals have,Tian Mountain Snow Lotus is still growing now,But if it is tomorrow,It is very likely that there is no。”
“so what,I plan to climb up.,Pick this Tianshan Snowlore!”
After the end,Shen Xuan’s event,Prepare hot body。
“Crazy,So much,Even if you barely climb up,All will not come!”
“Xuan brother,Are you not making death??”
“For the rich woman,I can’t take my little life.!”
The live broadcast is a voice of dissuasion.,after all,Human life http://www.yxage.cn is the most important,Even if the other party is a rich woman,You can’t get a small life.。
“Xuan Ge,Don’t climb up,I don’t want you to do anything.!”
Qing Yun fairy also said,“You give an address,I am looking for a professional person.!”
“fine,I can really!”
Shen Xuan said seriously:“Such a small thing,I am a big man,What can I do?,Send you!”
In Shen Xuan,He can climb up with physical medicine.,No problem!
But people in the live broadcast look,Shen Xuan is purely to give all this!
what is this?
In order to please Fu Po,Force a wave!
Really worthless!
“Xuan Ge in order to Fu Po,Really didn’t save!”
“What is good?,Xuan Ge is already falling under the dress of the rich woman.。”
“Then let’s take a look.,Can you throw a wilderness?!”
One singing in the live broadcast,There http://www.gzrichutea.cn is no one who believes that Shen Xuan can pick Tianshan Snow Lotus.。
“Xuan Ge,You are too touched.,If you pick Tianshan Snow Lotus,I am your person in my life.!”
Qing Yun fairy is probably being touched by Shen Xuan’s behavior.,On the spot, it is white in the live broadcast.!
This time,The entire live broadcast is boiling.。
“How many days,The rich woman is Bai Xuan brother.。”
“Value value,Xuan Ge is going to list the rich woman。”
“Xuan Ge, etc. is this time.,Grandmother!”
“Bless Xuan Ge and Qingyun Fairy,Early birthday!”