ESPN coach rankings: Popo topped the old fish bottom Scott
On March 27th, Beijing time, the 2014-15 season NBA regular season is coming to an end. ESPN has launched a series of selection lists.Following the previous management rankings and team decision-maker rankings, today the leader coach rankings were launched.Spurs coach Gregg Popovich tops the list, Hawks and Warriors coach Mike Budenhoser and Steve Cole rank second and third, and Rockets coach Kevin McHale ranks 14thThe Lakers coach Byron Scott ranked 29th.波波维奇是公认的联盟最佳教练  在ESPN这个的评分中,他们将球队的管理层分为老板、篮球事务决策者(总裁&总经理)和教练三个大项,并邀请专家团The three parts of each team are scored separately, with a score range of 0-10 points, and the importance of these three roles in the team is considered at the same time, and the team management is furtherThe current overall impact and future long-term success expectations.  In this year’s team coaching list, the Spurs’ Popovich became the leader and scored 9.A high score of 7 points.The following is the detailed ranking of the list:    1.Spurs: Greg Popovich (9.70 points)    2.Eagles: Mike Budenholzer (8.78 points)    3.Warriors: Steve Cole (8.39 points)    4.Mavericks: Rick Carlisle (8.22 points)    5.Bulls: Tom Hiberdo (7.87 points)    6.Heat: Eric Spoelstra (7.48 points)    7.Trail Blazers: Terry Stotts (7.17 points)    8.Clippers: Dock Rivers (7.13 points)    9.Celtics: Brad Stevens (7.04 points)    Pacers: Frank Vogel (7.04 points)    11.Grizzlies: Dave George (7.00 points)    12.Bucks: Jason Kidd (6.78 points)    13.Raptors: Dwyane Casey (6.74 points)    14.Rockets: Kevin McHale (6.39 points)    15.Sun: Jeff Hornacek (6.35 points)    16.King: George Karl (6.22 points)    17.Pistons: Stan Van Gundy (6.17 points) 18.Jazz: Quinn Snyder (6.00 points) 19.Cavaliers: David Blatter (5.83 points) 20.Thunder: Scott Brooks (5.52 points) 21.Hornets: Steve Clifford (5.35 points) 22.76ers: Brett Brown (5.26 points) 23.Nets: Lionel Hollins (4.91 points) 24.Pelicans: Monty Williams (4.78 points) 25.Timberwolves: Philip Sanders (4.65 points) 26.Wizards: Randy Whitman (4.26 points) 27.Magician: James Borrego (4.22 points) 28.Nuggets: Melvin Hunter (4.17 points) 29.Lakers: Byron Scott (3.04 points) 30.Knicks: Derrick Fisher (2.91 points) (Rosen)