See this scene,Many faces,Just ridicule between the eyes。
How can Luo Tianzhen, who have been next to the cold eye, let go of this pendant summer opportunity,I quickly smiled。
“You are called summer.,Let you know,Not let you eat ink,Don’t understand,It should be the sentence,Clown。”
Before at the door,Summer two sentences of their mother and child two people are angry,Luo Tianzhen has always remembered in the heart。
This is not the most important。
Important is his identity。
Although Luo Family is all seen in the first time,But does not affect their opinions on this matter。
When Luo Tianfeng and others are still in the future,Mu Tian has already seen the people in advance and Luojia people.,And there are in the abroad of the words.。
This also makes Luo family have given some careful thinking.。
If Luojia is married by the Hong Kong City Mujia marriage,Forming interest alliance,Then they will be more stable in the Dragon City.。
Current,Luo Qianjin is naturally the most suitable candidate。
I heard my mother’s words.,Luo thousand machines also attached to。
“Be,If you want to drink these ink,I can send you a big bowl for free.,Maybe it’s delicious.。Drink, tell us what tastes。”
After the words,Luo thousand machine smiled。
The three generations of disciples of Luojia also attached,Even if those elders are also faint。
Confused summer,After I heard the words, I got straight.,Looking at Luo thousand。
“Okay.,Little you gave me a big bowl。”
When the color of Luo thousand machines suddenly,“You,Born!I tell you,So call me, I have not finished with you.。”
“Isn’t this your name?,Don’t you call you a little brother??”
Summer smiles。
Luo thousand faces are green,Some old blood spray,Just finished,I saw a lot of waves in summer.,“Don’t say that you have said like your mother.,If you don’t say it?,Immediately give me a big bowl like this ink。”
Luo Tianzhen’s face has also been getting ugly,Teeth。
She is obedient.,This guy is a two-skinned rolling knife meat.,Don’t touch you。
“Brother,You are also a cultural man.,How can you talk so?。”
The beginning of the battle, Mu Tian, is a seemingly good-hearted round field.,“What is said,Ms. Luo is also an elder,Do you speak with your elders??”
“How do I talk to you with a relationship??”Summer is obliquely,Disdain,“What is deep?,You are too tender,It is an individual to see your dice.,Play,Don’t look for things。”