I didn’t say it.,Silently view home boss,I hope that the piano wine is intertwined for him.。
However, there is no,The back of the piano wine is always constant,Just handed a cigarette。
Vodka flooded,Ignite a bit,Smashed tears。
Today, this smoke is inexplicably spicy.!
the other side,Liao Wenjie step by step across motorcycles,Hand holds the waist of Bell Mad,Stinky:“Hide,Is there a spare helmet??”
“Give me you!”
“Then what do you still do?,Go buy!”
Bell Mody’s heads of green tendons raised,Rural laughing like a zombie,The anger is rushing to see the piano wine,Tush the motorcycle handle toward the nearest night supermarket。
Qinyuan starting car,After two people,Paid to send two people http://www.calmbuy.cn into the supermarket。
“Big brother,Bell Mad and Spria have a problem,I used to haven’t so good before.。”Vodka pushes pickers,Wit as he,At a glance, I saw it in this conspiracy.。
“Their current relationship is also general,It’s nothing more than mutual use.。”
Qinji is tired to close your eyes,What is Bell Mad?,He is very clear,Nothing, I want to die, Mouth Lotus.,Exquisite opportunity to organize。
Come to a mysterious,Liao Wenjie with private trading with Wu Pei Liaon is one of the choices.。
“Don’t you stop them??”
“Go with them.……”
The piano is sighing,People scattered,The team is not good.。
But this is not what he should worry.,The most headache people are Lamcai,Before the organization is reopened,He doesn’t want to participate too much。
and,Bell Mod wants to use Liao Wenjie,He is not,aboutbossDeath truth,The information given by Rum is too blurred.。
What is the murderer with a bomb,There are no clues and evidence on the scene.,I didn’t even find the body.?
Children don’t believe this ghost!
Chapter 485 Initial downtry
Nightclub shopping mall,Liao Wenjie picks the helmet on the shelf。
Black elegant mystery,Is the color of the universe,And the classics will never last,Red enthusiasm,Visual impact,Both are good choices。
Liao Wenjie hand touched the chin,Injury between black and red。
He is hard to take http://www.gaoweishan.cn care of the mank,In Bellmhemade,Is another meaning。
Waiting for her first open!
“Spia,A helmet,Not allowing you to choose,Say,What are you looking for??”Bell Maded hands shoulders standing aside,Forced yourself to squeeze out a little face。
Life is not easy,The opposite is true,For the future, happy days,For survival,Selling smiles。
“That is to buy a helmet,if not?”
Liao Wenjie picks up two helmets at the right right:“See you dress up,Aesthetics should not be different,Black and red,Which one is more inclined??”
Bell Mad eyebrows,Fast thinking about these two colors represent the meaning,And the deep meaning in Liao Wenjie。
coming,The negotiation begins.,This choice is critical!
“so it is,You also have difficulty choosing difficult syndrome。”
“I am not so troublesome,in addition,I am http://www.zzmaifang.cn survive in the dark,Preference is definitely black,As for you……”