NS2347Chapter Strong
No one is expected,Will be this ending。
Super masters of heaven mountains Glenston are scored four-point。
And Bosa is headed by the head.,Blood and cerebrose splash,Red with white sprinkles,Like a singular flower bloom。
Rand and four respected,And the dark parliamentary high-rise color。
Their look is complicated between,Zhang Zhangzhu,What is hard to say?。http://www.zzhzyjx.cn
Summer is too strong,Kill decisive,Cold and cold blood。
The name of the murder is not flexible。
Quieting around。
No sound,Leaf falls。
Summer look indifferent,Light rotation,I am eyeing Histei et al.,Killing in the eyes。
Although I lost Boss and Grandton,But Histe is the culprit of this matter.……He can’t let go of each other。
“Summer,Let’s stop this.,Humid and Bery,He is the three elders of my parliament,It is also the knight of the Knights.……”Rand slowly opened,Stunned。
Summer solve,Staring at His。
When the atmosphere suddenly became tension again,All people discolored。
Humi’s face is more snowy,Summer is locked in summer,A fltosetened particle。
“People don’t commit me,I don’t commit crimes。”
Summer voice is brief,But it is full of insuluines,“If people commit me,I will kill people。”
Fall into the voice,Summer disappeared。
Since the people suddenly suddenly,I didn’t expect that in the summer, I have to choose to do it.。
I didn’t give Rland and four respected faces.。
Those who followed the next generation of Dark Knights,Full face。
Boss and Klein are dead,What can they do?。
I thought Rand and four respected http://www.northdz.cn people,Summer will not continue to kill,I didn’t expect him to buy him.。
escape!Whether Hue,Still the last generation of Dark Knights,All have to have this idea。
Facing a half-level strong,There is no way to definitely。
However,They are frightened,It is not so easy to escape.。
“Ah……”Someone sent a scream,Instantly, I will stop,Be sealed,Blood splash。
Where is the rest of them?,Under the summer,Escape the fastest person,The fastest dead。
“Respected,Help……”Some people scream,But what can’t change?,No one can stop the summer blow。
There is no exception in Huez.,Directly caught in summer,“No matter what person standing behind you,Today, Laozi takes you.,How much is it later?,How much kill!”
Hisel is very horror。
Rand and four vital attitude,Already let him expect that their lives may be ended。
However, http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cnhe is still struggling like a sleepy beast.。
“Ah……”He yelled to the summer,Hold strength to the ultimate,Hands of big swords want to hit the summer。
As a thorny knife skyrocked,Every effort in Humi has failed。
The snake knife broke out a few meters long swords.,Sweaked the body of Humite in an instant,He is born with the backpack。