About Qu Wan’er,Fang Hao has already talked to Ye Wenwen and Guo Miaomiao,The two of them didn’t mean to oppose。
Ye Wenwen also hopes that the company can sign a few stars over,Make the business scope wider,Only in this way can we become a healthy brokerage company,Don’t rely on Fang Hao alone。
Too much relying on Fang Hao alone,If Fang Hao’s image is damaged,This company is over。
As for whether Fang Hao’s image will be ruined,No one is sure about this。
Because she knows what kind of person Fang Hao is in private,If those things are exposed,The image will definitely be ruined,It may even trigger a national ban。
Diversification of company business is imperative。
Now the company has made some attempts,But it’s still a little trouble,Sign a traffic with a certain reputation,Obviously can play a bigger role。
Relying on Qu Wan’er’s influence,Open up some channels,In the future, you can bring more newcomers into the entertainment industry,That is called stability。
Now Fang Hao can only be regarded as half-footed in the entertainment circle,There is not much intersection with this circle,Qu Wan’er can be regarded as a real person in the circle。
In addition,Qu Wan’er is so beautiful,Another line of traffic,Actually Ye Wenwen is also quite interested in her。

Chapter Thirty Seven Pick up
The plane after a long flight,Finally landed in Pengcheng。
This time out of the airport,Fang Hao didn’t wear a mask,Didn’t wear sunglasses,Didn’t even goVIPaisle,Didn’t go with Gu Mu。
no way,Go abroad this time,Appeared in several major international media,Made his fans so proud,Then decided to pick him up when he returned to China。