[How to make kiwi and crispy beef fillet]_Homemade method of kiwi and crispy beef fillet_How to make kiwi and crispy beef fillet_How to make kiwi and crispy beef fillet

You eat at home everyday, you may be a little partial to anorexia.

Loss of appetite, this may be because your meals are too simple or they taste bad.

At this time, you need to redefine the “standards for cooking.”

Now, please ask the editor to learn if you want to make curious kiwifruit 1.

Kiwis are peeled and one of them is cut flat and placed on the bottom.

Another kiwi fruit, beat the fruit to spare 2.

Mix the kiwi puree, granulated sugar, white vinegar, nuts, and fresh milk, heat it, and stir in the same direction until it is completely and completely turned into kiwi jam 3.

Use the back of the knife to loosen the beef tenderloin on both sides, add salt and chicken flour, and marinate for 5 minutes.

Cover the beef tenderloin with egg whites, then spread a thin layer of starch on both sides, and cover with the cut bread.

Add oil to the pan, heat to 80% over high heat, add beef tenderloin, fry until the bread turns golden brown, remove, and serve in a pan 4.

Finally, pour the kiwi jam onto the plate. You may have eaten a lot of kiwi crispy beef fillet, but you must not imagine what it will taste like.

To satisfy curiosity, you can really try it yourself.