Boy at this time,At least one-third of his skin was destroyed by the lava spit out by the red dragon,Showing dark red bones,That’s how it looks after tempering,The lava after destroying the skin is very stubborn,But it’s difficult to penetrate further into the internal organs,As if blocked by an invisible barrier,Can no longer destroy。
The weird thing is,In addition to the initial pain, this burning is unbearable,As the time goes,The pain is gradually easing,Until the four colors of the temple are fully bloomed,The lava vomited by the red dragon started to fall off the body little by little。
The little red dragon who has been peeping behind the boy seems to be afraid,Wandering away quickly,Then he jumped into the lava lake with a thud。
Although the pain is reduced,But the teenager is still very uncomfortable,Because the incomparable spiritual power in his body is fading fast,All flocking to the phantom of the Five Elements Temple,The energy of the whole body is being drained quickly。
The sound from the temple is like Hong Zhong,After three consecutive beeps,The lava lake in front finally reacted,The lava flowing slowly in the middle of the lake began to spin,Spread from the inside out,Soon formed a huge vortex。
In the process of increasing the speed of rotation,The center of the vortex slowly rises,The entire lava lake began to boil,Release extremely terrifying heat,I can’t hold it with the juvenile tolerance,Retreat in continuous strides,And the big eyeball in the gods has passed out。
First two thick ones、Branches like old trees stick out of the lake,Each one is tens of feet long,Then two things like erected sails also jumped up the lake,Then what emerged was a huge red pearl,The inside of the pearl is slightly dark,There is a faint halo。
This pearl floated on the lake,No matter from which angle you look at it, it makes the teenager feel uncomfortable panic,The invisible brilliance shot by Mingzhu always enveloped his body,Can’t hide,The young man suddenly realized,Where is this pearl,It is clearly a huge eye bead。
At this moment,The temple made a sound again,Become sharp and short this time,Still three times in a row,The center of the vortex on the lake continues to rise,A huge dragon head appeared in front of the boy,Whole body red,Almost made the lake drop by 10%,Two dragon whiskers swinging slowly,Throwing that terrifying magma everywhere。
Because the visual impact is too strong,http://www.famous1.cnThe young man froze for a long time on the spot, unable to make a sound,Instead, the dragon head slowly raised up,There was a thrilling dragon roar,Sonorous,The impact of sonic waves caused huge waves in the lava lake。
The boy has retreated to the cave entrance,Unless you go out along the entrance,Otherwise there is no refund,He naturally won’t go out,There are a lot of sights in front of me,Shocked him,But finally saw the secret hidden under the lava lake,It’s the foundation stone of skyfire,Less than last resort,A teenager will never give up lightly。
The mountain-like dragon head slowly turned towards the boy,The tentacles have even been placed on the edge of the cliff where he just stood,The big nostrils are like two caves,The heat wave spit out with a little breath can burn the stubborn iron,Two big eyeballs are like fireballs,For this lava dragon,In addition to shock,Young people have trouble finding words that can be described。
A deep dragon roar,Concussion eardrum,The Five Elements Temple in the World of the Young Gods also responded,They seem to be communicating,Didn’t understand at first,But with the memory of the Holy Spirit,He soon understood。
“The old man is gone?”This is the huge dragon head asking。
“died,Dead,But i am。”
“you?Ah,Ha ha。”The dragon head makes a weird laugh,Full of contempt。
“Hehe fart,You are not much higher than me。”
“Your call is meaningless。”
“The Five Elements Holy Fire only lacks Heavenly Fire,Is Lord Huo Ling willing to be buried here forever,With the destruction of this world?”