Next to the blood old strange,“The higher the quality of the propulus,The larger the aura……But this kind of aura is not wisdom,More than creatures,Just a simple breath。”
Merely,Swift,“certainly,Some legendary secret treasures,Under the income of countless years,The aura will evolve,even,Spirituality will gradually have a gain……Then become the legendary instrument。”
Summer reveals。
He is not a stupid person,I understand what they said in a moment.。
“Means of,They from various dispersed materials,After being refined into a whole,Will have this kind of aura,Right?”
Lin Dong and the blood of the bodies。
Summer,“I have learned the iron and build weapons.,The first time after building the weapon,It will be integrated into themselves,Let the weapon such as the arm,In fact, this is also the truth.,Let the weapon pass the blood,And natural secrets,Let it have a trace of aura。”
“right,Scorpion can be taught。” Lin Dong reveals the color of appreciation,Oscillate,“Unusual,Not reaching a certain class,Is unable to perceive spiritual,summer,how did you do it?”
Blood strange is also curious。
He also wants to know what kind of secrets are there.,I can do things that they can’t do.。
Summer straightforward,“I do not know why either,But I can understand this atmosphere.……”His words half-half。
Summer accepted the full Xuanao trees inheritance,Jiu Dao Rune India Final Journal of Olympics,In fact, it is the original fire.。
But there is a variety of mystery that is contained in it and derived.,Simple number。
And in his time in this room,It is a very special breath.……Every tier here,Evil this breath。
Where the black hard bow is most embarrassed and pure。
So he did not hesitate to make a choice。
Aura!He first heard。
But not understanding。
to be honest,Be created,By refining,Give the spiritual spirit。
As for why he can understand the spirit,I haven’t feel more surprised in the summer.。
He passed through the Jiudao Xinyuan Rune Imprint,That is a very high-end existence,Awareness,Naturally, nothing。
Lin Donghe blood old mons still looks at the summer with a strange look.。
They don’t believe in the summer。
Because even if they are also hard to identify the quality of the counter。
Just in summer, I don’t want to say more.,They are not good to continue to ask。
Lin Dong straightforward,“summer,Meet, I have a strange business.,Decide to teach your refineries,I believe in your talent,In the future, http://www.shanqinwang.cnit is certainly unlimited.,What do you think of it?”
Blood strange also attached,“You usually call us for the teacher,Don’t want to make a teacher,summer,You don’t have to think more,Don’t be vigilant,We have no malvice to you,I am with the biggest wish of my old forest.,I want to raise a six-series refining.,But the six-series refinerists……It is no longer working to achieve。”
The Zhou Wei next to him is really shocked.,More envy and jealous。