2015 Chilean America Cup Peru final 23-person roster Pizarro led
On May 26th, Beijing time, according to the official website of the South American Football Association, Peru’s national team coach Gareka announced the 23-man roster for the 2015 Chilean American Cup. The same list as the 30-man list in the previous issue, 7 people were delisted, andFarfan, Pizarro and Guerrero are the biggest players on this list.In the 2015 Chilean America Cup schedule, a small part of the Peruvian America Cup 23-person list was in the current America’s Cup. Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela were in Ronaldo, although they have also won the America’s Cup twice in history., But for Peru, the most realistic goal is to qualify.Farfan, Guerrero and Pizarro’s play will determine how far Peru can go. In the last America’s Cup, Guerrero scored 5 goals to help the team get the third place.(Black Mamba) With a list of 23 people in the Peruvian Copa America: Goalkeepers: Peni (Crystal Athletic), Galese (Juan Oric), Libman (University of Cesar) Defender: Advin Kula (Setu)Barr), Ramos (Juan Oric), Jotun (Malm?), Zambrano (for example), Cespedes (Juan Oric), Rogas (University of Cesar)), Requena (University of Cesar) midfielders: Vargas (Firenze), Ballon (Crystal Athletic), Lobaton (Crystal Athletic), Hutado (Ferreira), Retamoso (RoyalGarcilaso), Cueva (Lima League), Asquiz (Melga), Jor Sanchez (San Martin), Calilo (Athletic of Morocco) Forward: Pizarro (Bayern), FranceErfan (Schalke 04), Guerrero (Corinthians), Reina (Leipzig Red Bull) Group C opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America’s Cup Brazil final 23-man roster Oscar lost to Ribeiro finalist 2015 Chile America’s CupColombia’s final 23-man roster J Rofarco is listed in the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Venezuela final 23-man roster Arrango