Lin Yu,Hide and watch。
Look more,The more excited。
because,The power of these two,Compared to myself,Not as good as myself。
this one,But I couldn’t think of it。
I thought before losing myself,Nebula Realm,I am very likely,Fight against each other,But at the moment,This result tells myself,Not。
“Star master,Oh no,Someone broke in。”
When the two were fighting,A person,Suddenly rushed out in a panic。
This person,Is a saint。
just,Just came here,The power that was fought by these two people,Shocked。
“go to hell。”
These two fight,But don’t want too many people to know。
especially,Fight to the end,Very likely to lose。
now,A third person appears。
These two,How can you let him go??
Get rid of this sudden appearance,Fight again,This is the correct way to open。
“Do not”Someone who appeared suddenly,Never thought。
Report the news yourself,Just arrived,Will be killed。
“It seems,Lingzhu,Everyone wants。”