Zhou Ye suddenly somewhat awkward。
He and Chen Riyuan are almost simultaneously turned。
Two people wearing protective clothing are standing in front of them!Tall!
http://www.mylcfs.cn “Uh……Director。”Zhou Ye, I want to be wrong, I should not look wrong.。
These two people wearing protective clothing in the intensive area is Sun Jun and Hu Yu.?
Sun Jun and Hu Yan were watching from Zhou Yewu’s face,Move to the face of Chen Riyuan:“Sorry,Xiaogu and Lao Chen,It’s a bit more,We have been packing a little longer。”
There should be,On the two director,Actually brought over the big bag。
It’s just like an immunity.,More like moving……
The eyes under Zhou Ye have a sad light。
Bring it for a big bag??
Are you ready for your family??
really,Sun Jun and Hu Yu are soon explained,These rolls are all wives and children.,Requiring。
In the hospital is the big director,Who is not a wife slave at home??
Chen Riyuan shook his head:“hurry up,We began to study the chest of these patients.,Probably,I http://www.sjfan.cn have an impression in my heart。”
“The captain broke out.,Where can we don’t listen?,Let it get together。”Sun Jun is also an immediate moving chair and prepares a patient around this boot.。
“This is also really annoying,The work number is not given,Don’t use the doctor’s system,Now that we have to use a group of doctors to open a doctor。”Hu Yu said a difficult point to their old bones.。
“Simple to see a doctor,But this is a doctor,Knocking keyboard,We are too slow.。”Sun Jun said,When I was still awkward from time to time.。
Zhou Ye is all understanding。
Two director intent it clearly.,I want to let Zhanou have a person to go to the doctor.?
One person to do a department’s live?Zhou Ye has touched the sweat.。
This can not be can’t hold.。
“IX,forgive me,Chen Chen didn’t come.。”Zhou Ye is always ready to marry。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu said that he really sang the same spring.,As early as have a ditch,I have a heart to look at Zhou Ye.,Almost the same channel:“Xiaomu,Do you want to follow me??”
Whoever follows?
Zhou Ye I stared two people。
Hu Yu and Sun Jun have seen an eye。
Sun Jun, obviously feel that he is older.,Zhou Ye should follow himself:“I am full of eyes,Hu Yu.,You won’t let me go.。”
Hu Yu“hehe”Smile:“Your eyes,You can’t see it when you play.,Suddenly,I can’t see you can’t see the basket.,Ded to your own brain?。”