Qi Rui believes that Li Shu has the ability to rebuild the underground work group,It is necessary to do business in so many cities.,However, this is a resource that can be made with the grateful sister.。
Rui Rui will tell Tang Ling in his thoughts,Let him go to Li, explain how to operate,Only in this way can the fastest speed to establish economic front and run。
“Nine brother,There are many bosses on the side of Shanghai.,So how do you need to do yourself?,I will do it.,Don’t tell anyone。”Zhuang Xiaoman has detected that the mirror is not a simple businessman.,Can be very interested in her,
NS262chapter Zheng Yao is still alive
Zhuang Xiaoman has always been very good,Also do things,And she is not greedy,Every penny earned, she will clearly record the account.,What is most like to like it is that she will not talk,Don’t talk more to it, say a word that should not be said。
“Xiaoman!thanks!”Rui Rui is really grateful,
“Nine brother,Don’t use your mouth,Everyone knows that I am your woman.,You also have to get it.!”Zhuang Xiaoman said charming,
Women must never be sin,Can’t hurt her heart,This truth is very clear,Zhuang Xiaoman is not a general woman,If she is sad,Her revenge is definitely not rumored.。
“Xiaoman,I really can’t commit you this chaos.。”
“It is because of this chaos,I don’t know if there is still a life tomorrow.,So there is no extravagance of it all.,Just hope that the nine brothers know that there is still a woman who is willing to pay for you.!”Said that Zhuang Xiaoman stretched his arm.,Put your face in his chest。
Zhuang Xiaoman said is absolutely believed,Because she did do this,How can you bear this?,Rui Rui hurts her tightly:“Xiaoman!”
The call of this ear is allowed to make Zhuang Xiaoman,She knows that Nine brothers are not a casual man.,in the case of,I have long been his person.,He can call his name like this,Just prove that his heart has its own,This is really enough.。
“Nine brother,Don’t save Bao Ge,This is the boss’s order,Heard no,If you don’t want to save,I go!”Zhuang Xiaoman double arm tightly,
“Xiaoman,We still have a lot of important things to do,do not worry,I won’t make trouble.,It is to take care of you later.,I will always look at you.。”
“Nine brother,Don’t impulsive,What do you want to notify me?。”Zhuang Xiaoman is still worried that the rumor is the first,
“I promise you that!”
Coqi, I dare to continue to stay.,He is worried about what you will do.,After leaving, I saw Tang Ling.,Su Wenqian has now basically,There is no problem with the management of the car。
Describe the situation and what you need to do,Let him give the money to Li Shu,And assist him from starting business,Because this is very big,The organization will give Li Shu to people.。
After it is over,Qi Rui asked Su Wenqian:“Wen Qian!Is there a door to the Tiecheng’s cake shop??”
“opened!Business is not bad?!”
“I didn’t expect the Tiecheng and there were two kings.!”
“When he studied in Germany, he ran to the cake shop.,White gives people to learn to make a cake,I didn’t expect it to really use it.。”Su Wenqian laughed,
“Looking back, I have the opportunity to give him a place.!”Qi Rui suddenly found that he rarely sent a small gift for the girl。
Back to the special high school bamboo, the clouds, told the latest situation of the hospital.,There is a group of people holding a knife stick to the army hospital in the middle http://www.dnscname.cn of the night.,The result of the death of death。
“Who are they??”Qi Rui,
“All tried,Just some feet of dried people,They don’t even know what the sea is starting.。”
“These stupid Chinese!”
“They are some brothers who have finished in Haizheng.,It is also these people to make him hide for so many days.,Tell you a shocking message。”
“Shocked news!hehe,I really want to have。”
“Long pool,These people arrested,They used the truck to send the city.,Haizheng is very good to them,It seems that these two people have some inconvenience,Ding Mun Village is suspected to be two hurt people,So I took out the portrait of Zheng Yao to let them identify。”