Before the Chu Deirers were in the Yulong,Let Wang Yin are ashamed while,Also very moving,Coupled with the extinguishing,Wang Yizhen naturally comes to thank you。
“Bigger,Should do this。”Chu Deirers feel that their body is full of positive energy。
“correct,My mother wants to have a banquet tonight.,Gratitude to the son,The son can have leisure?actually……Previous drug……It is best not to be too urgent in martial arts in recent days.。”Wang Yizhen, I am still worried about Chu Deirers.、Too impatient。
“This……That respects it respectfully.。”Chu Deirers thought about it.,He promised,After all, the cultivation is not rushing to a moment.。
The reason is not a banquet last night.,It is also Li Qinglu to worry about the rest of the Chu Deirers.,So give him a rest time,How do you know that the Chu Deiren is so“Mud”!
Chapter 63 Anxious Li Qingluo
“嫣,You go to rest first,I have something to say to Chu Chuzi.。”Li Qinglu is on the feast,Special to support Wang Yin。
“mom……”Wang Yizhen is a difficult look at Li Qinglu。
“what happened?”Li Qinglu frowns to ask questions,I have always been afraid of mother’s Wang Yin,No longer。
Wang Yinhui“Be difficult”Not surprising,Before the banquet,Li Qinglu has always hints,It seems that I want to match the Chu Deirers and Wang Yin!
Li Qingluo will do this,In fact, it is also normal.。
After all, the character of the Chu Deirers don’t say,Martial arts in the young generation,Also the top choice,more importantly,Chu Deirers still send people,Has been in Dingchunqiu and the verses of their family!
Not to mention……There is also something before Yu Yulong,If the Chu Deirers marry Wang Yin,Then there is no longer suffering from any。
Just the hint of the Chu Deirers to Li Qingluo,Not,Wang Yizhen is even secretly wanting to refute——Now she doesn’t have any opinions on the Chu Deirens.,But but still think about her brother.。
But I don’t know in Li Qinglu.,want to“I broke the idea of Murong’s kid”,In fact, it is also one of her reasons for her and Chu Dee.!
After Wang Yizhen left,Li Qingluo directly asked Chu Deirers:“Chu Chuzi feels,How?”
Chu Deirers were asked,I want to answer the way.:“Quotes,I want to come very well.,Hardware is not bad……Just didn’t be praised before,Some delays now。certainly,It is not necessary to travel.,Forced her to practice martial arts,There is no such result。”
Li Qingluo:???
“Cough,Chu Chuzi……I am not talking about martial arts.!A woman,How?”Li Qinglu emphasized。
“A woman?this……Since Li Mrs is asked,The younger generations have two sentences,The appearance of the words naturally genet inherited Li Mrs. Li,When it is up,However, it is over to the laugh,Not lack of confidence,Personality is also becoming weak,The rivers and lakes are different.,Men and women are the same,Women should also be self-improvement……”
Li Qingluo:???
“Chu Chuzi!”Li Qinglu interrupted this nonsense。
But then I still breathe.,Afterwards:“Reason……”Said that I looked carefully and saw Chu Deirers.。
“I also wanted to go out and walk.,Just suffering from no credible people,And the kid of Murong’s family is not good,Chu Chuzi is willing to take a little girl going out?”Li Qinglu finally asked。
At least Chu Deirers are reliable……Bar?
“this……I usually walk the rivers and lakes.,Not very safe。kindness?and many more……kindness,Nothing,However, the three chapters of the law is。”
Chu Dee people didn’t want to promise,But think about it.,It seems that it is not very troublesome!
Waiting for a long history、When the chess game,Chu Deirers directly send Wang Yizhen past,Only by this face like his teacher,Mr. Xiao will not stop Wang Yin to see her grandfather.?
And have a granddaughter,There is no cliff, and you will not put your skills.,When I arrived directly to Wang Yin,Plus Wang Yizhen has a deep theoretical knowledge,Basically, you can tear your spring and autumn.?
Don’t talk care about Wang Yin,Maybe I have to pay attention to Wang Yin.。
Just this,No cliff or“Can’t escape”,So the Chu Deirers are not preparing to find him before the Su Xing River.,Unless you have already paid Ding Chunqiu。