Shikamaru said,Side knot,The same ninja next to him also shot。
Multiple shadows are connected to the shadow of Kyuubi。
“hateful.Can’t so many people limit Kyuubi?.”
Exercising the technique of a hundred heroes,Tsunade, who completely unlocked the yin seal of the water chestnut on his forehead, stepped on the ground and jumped up.,Hit Kyuubi with his fist, who was struggling to untie the shadow bondage.。
“Earth Booming Star!”
Zoranna also seized the opportunity,He stretched out his right hand to Kyuubi who fell on the ground and said。
The ground next to Nine Tails gradually cracked,The rocks are floating in the air。
It seems that Tsunade’s strange power fist made Kyuubi feel the pain,Therefore, Kyuubi was completely angered。
Chakra bursts out again around the nine tails that roared with beasts,Fly the ninja around yourself to the sky,Continuous tail beast jade is spraying around。
“Everyone quickly get out!”
Shikamaru, who had to end the shadow bondage by himself, said,While calling for ninjas of his own clan to dodge。
“Earth explosion has begun,We must not give up here!”
Although Tsunade said so,But now there is no other way to restrain Kyuubi。
“sister,What are you doing!”
Hua Huo watched Hinata running towards Kyuubi and said loudly,Since Hyuga Nizu died at night when Kyuubi appeared,The more talented young Kahuo inherited the position of Patriarch Hyuga。