Anyway, Wang Yufei helped her do it!
Yes,Since that day Wang Yufei promised not to let Guo Xiaoyi be troubled by mathematics in the future,Guo Xiaoyi feigned his resignation when moved,But after being rejected,The two of them completely started to release themselves。
Every day Wang Yufei helps Guo Xiaoyi tutoring for half an hour in math,In fact, Wang Yufei simply helped Guo Xiaoyi do the homework,Correct,Do it directly!Used a stunt,Weird handwriting imitation skills!
This is a skill that my brother mastered specifically to help his sister with homework,It won’t take much time anyway。
This also confirmed the temperament of Wang Yufei’s pet sister crazy demon。
And what Guo Xiaoyi needs to pay is,Other homework must be reviewed by Wang Yufei,Meet the standard of excellence。
But this doesn’t bother Guo Xiaoyi with other homework。Especially after you don’t have to fight math,The girls’ smiles are getting brighter。
It can be seen that,Mathematics,Really make many children wander between life and death every day……
“Yes,Reached!My idea is that we will sign a contract together this weekend,After the contract is signed,We went to see the house and the car,And then buy it directly after the money arrives。”Wang Yufei suggested。
no way,Being a student is so unfree。
It’s not easy to ask for leave for big things like buying a house or a car,Can only be done with a limited time on weekends。
Lu Yuxin’s eyes rolled,Did not respond directly to Wang Yufei’s words,But to ask:“I heard Xiaoyi said that Yingbao made dozens of calls to you that day。”
“Yes,Called my cell phone until it was almost dead,You know, I charged it up at night!”Guo Xiaoyi quickly affirmed。
“Doesn’t it mean we are at a disadvantage?”Lu Yuxin glanced at Wang Yufei,Said。