“Boss……You and Shangjie,What did you say……Who do you kowtow to?……”
Luo Shu on the hospital bed was pale,Breathing hard,Not speaking loudly,But I can hear you clearly。
Luo Shangzhong quickly walked to the hospital bed and sat down,Hold father’s hand,Told my father about the matter。
“No way!”Luo Shuguang’s face sank,Hate channel:“Can’t……For that bitch……kowtow……”
“dad,This is the only way to save you,As long as you can recover,Don’t say knocking three,Just knock a hundred,Knock a thousand,I will never frown。”Luo Shangzhong held his father’s hand tightly,Speech volume,Tears in the eyes。
“No way!”Luo Shuguang’s face is calm,Exhausted the last bit of strength,Thumped off the bed,Let the son kowtow to that bitch,How could he swallow this breath!
After all, Luo Shangzhong’s knock,Knocked off,But the face of his Luo family。
“Old man,You don’t want to die?!”Luo Shangzhong’s mother said with tears,“Kowtow and no one can die。”
“I……I just die……It’s impossible for him to kowtow to that bitch!”
That being said,But when Luo Shuguang said this, his voice was obviously much lower,Seems lack of confidence。
“dad,Nothing,To lose is to lose my face,Nothing to do with Luo family,You are cured later,I will find the little girl in Luo Yilin to settle the account!”Luo Shangzhong quickly persuaded his father。
“Boss,Really wronged you。”Luo Shangzhong’s mother looked at her son distressedly,“do not worry,If you can cure your dad this time,,Mom and Dad will never let you suffer!”
“mom,You see where did you go,This family business,You just give me nothing,I will try my best to save my dad!”Luo Shangzhong said vowedly,look**,Filial piety。