“BStation too!”
“On Zhihu, someone asked us why we have such a celebration……This question is so stupid……”
While eating in the cafeteria,The players of Dongchuan Middle School sit around a few tables,While eating,While discussing recent hot topics。
This hot topic is of course their celebration。
At first I just wanted to joke around,Just kidding。Young people after all,Just like to use this kind of crooked brain。
I didn’t expect this crooked brain to be surprisingly easy to use。
It attracted the attention of the whole network,Out of the circle。《Goal》It’s normal for media reports such as nets to report on high school football matches to pay attention to this.,But Weibo、Various short videosAPP,and alsoBstation、Know something,I can also see their celebration topics,Then I really can only say“Fire”。
This year,Who doesn’t like being famous?
So everyone is enthusiastic now,Someone asked Hu Lai:“Hu Lai,By the way, after we score a goal in the next game, do we still celebrate with fishing??”
Hu Lai shook his head:“No way,Need to change the trick,Otherwise everyone will be bored。”
“Then what do you say to replace?”
Almost all teammates looked at him expectantly,Even Captain Yan Yan is no exception。
Obviously,In terms of making ghosts,Hu Lai is recognized as the strongest person in the team。
“Let me think again……”Hu Lai frowned and thought,Did not give an answer right away。
“Good,You think slowly,If you think of it after eating,,Let’s continue to rehearse there。”Yan Yan as the captain of the team,Made a decision,And got the consent of all the players。
Hu Lai is not really unable to think of any good ideas,In fact, he has a lot of creativity in his mind。
After all, the creativity of this celebration does not come from him,And from another time and space, the Icelandic team Starnán。That team is known to the world for its incredible and creative ideas,Hulay also watched a lot of celebration videos of the Starnán team online。
He was just thinking about which one of those ideas should be chosen……