Pei Huan quickly raised his head,“No need to。”
Baby Ou tilted his head,No need?
“No need to do this。I will make a clarification。I also know that Zhuge Yaoniang doesn’t mean anything to me。I’m just unwilling,Tease her badly。”Did Pei Huan apologize?,Because this is what he really wants to do,“Your idea,not bad。Very simply。”This is also true。
Baby Ou smiled,“Didn’t make you unhappy,That’s good。”
Pei Huan shook his head,how come。No one is like you,go straight,Even came to notify me first。
At this moment,Li Shunyuan appeared,As if passing by and meeting Bao Bao,Came over suspiciously,“Why are you here?Don’t you and Xie Yunchu practice with the band??”
After speaking, I glanced at Pei Huan,“this is.”
Pei Huan ignored Li Shunyuan。
Conditions of Zhuge Yaoniang,Is not something he can cling to,Let alone Li Shunyuan。Zhuge Yaoniang likes him,He dare to use it as a reliance on unscrupulous,Without this support,He is really impossible and dare,Asking for money from Zhuge Yaoniang。Li Shunyuan here,He has no support,Can’t climb higher,Pei Huan retreated completely in silence。
Even though he knew he came with Bao Bao,but,He still dare not express any slight words。
More importantly,He doesn’t want to be in front of Ou Baobao,Meet Li Shunyuan,Acting like a poor inferiority fool。
“This is Pei Huan。”Baby Ou Introduction。
Just get along face to face,Baby Ou is pretty sure,Pei Huan is really an honest person。Although what he did made her confused,But everyone has their own ambitions,One way to live,Pei Huan,There is really honesty and simplicity that many people can’t see。Before he really takes the plot,,Baby Ou really can’t stamp him with a bad guy。Just,Bad morals.
And now it seems,Pei Huan doesn’t seem to have such a strong hatred for Yaoyao,Naturally choose to regress。Really polite。after all,If you really let Yaoyao report those things,In fact, she herself is quite embarrassed。Pei Huan like this,It can be considered to save the face of the medicine。