10th NBA regular season Trail Blazers vs Clippers online video live broadcast address
At 11:30 on November 10, 2016, Beijing time, the Clippers will play against the Clippers at home.Nature of the game: NBA Live vs. Clippers: Clippers VS Blazers Live Time: 2016-11-10 Thursday 11:30 Blazers VS Clippers Live Address: Interactive Graphic Live Scores Live Video Live Broadcast Expected Starters: Lillard, MikeRum, Aminu, Harkles, Pramley Clippers: Paul, Redick, Bamotte, Griffin, Jordan Clash. The two teams have nearly 6 clashes. The Clippers have 2 wins and 4 losses!Analysis of the two teams In this morning’s game, the Blazers beat the Suns at home, Lillard and McCollum scored a total of 71 points.Although this revolutionary won, the team’s defense really needs to be summed up.  The Clippers’ recent performance is too hot. In addition to losing to the Thunder, they have won all other six games, and they are all overwhelming opponents.  Tomorrow they will fight at home, facing back-to-back pioneers, they have no reason not to win.This match lottery expelled the main hand 8.5. More reasonable, optimistic about the Clippers win the game.