For Lingfeng and other guards,This is an attitude that the old master shows。
Even if those old brothers,Even if Wenshui serves him for decades for decades,Just because offended summer,It is an old house。
More about these guardians。
Dare to move summer,Laozi dares you to come back。
This is the attitude of the father.。
Everyone in the field is a senile,How can I not understand the deep meaning?。
Just everyone, there are fewer fewer few people.。
Be unable to return,But they also know the power of it.。
“Don’t have to think more。”
Looking at everyone silent,Ling Feng smiled slightly,Put on,“Maybe Li Dao is not to do it.,All,He knows the attitude of our people,We just came to investigate the unknown cause of the snow.,I want to find some inquiry.。”
Toned,Swift,“As far as I know,After we came yesterday yesterday,Several hidden families also came to Changan,Gland,Martial arts,Fengjia,山 派。”
He also,“And I can conclude,Behind this is the Tianshan School in the promotion。But also……”
His eyes swept through everyone,The look is deep,“I am listening,Recently I don’t know that the force is,Alert,Specially dealt with summer alliance。”
Talk,In-plane atmosphere。
Everyone is more silent.。
Obvious,They also have earned。
But this is not the most important。
It is important that Ling Feng means deep and long eyes.,And the occasion of this。
He suspected that there were also guardians to participate.。
This is his other thing.。
Point until。
Ling Feng did not continue to go deep into,How to say,“Tianshan sent a full version of the nine yang magic of the summer,Lushan and summer vegetarian have a hatred,As for the males and martial arts,Also don’t die in summer……They are all behind us,Obviously I want to take us as a knife.。Each has its own purpose,Perhaps it is Pakistan to die, you can live with Li Yu Wang.,Perhaps you want us to force us to force the summer card……So,I decided to temporarily don’t move.,Do you have any opinions??”
Everyone is silent,All shaking his head。
But just at this time,The initially opened dry old man suddenly said,“Maybe we can reverse it。”
Everyone looks。
He flashed a touch of chill between skinny old man’s eyes,Faint,“Since they want to take us as a knife,We can also do this,Let them fight with Li Xiaowang,We look。Ling Duan,Do you think it is feasible??”
Ling Feng’s eyebrows,Rao watched a thin old man,Noddler,“Can。Old Xu,Let you be arranged for this matter.。”