A few tips for helping you live longer

“People want to work in shape, and one can’t get it.”

“: People often participate in physical labor properly.

It will enhance the body’s resistance and improve immune function, and the disease will not easily occur.

“Oh, ugly day, cut hair, hair comb Baidu.

“: On the next day, the ugly day should be cut nails, that is, cut once every ten days to prevent the dirt from getting dirty and causing disease.

Combs have the effect of protecting the hair and clearing the mind.

“It’s not good to eat at night, full of food.

“: Wash your feet every night, you can improve blood circulation, prevent cramps when you sleep, Liao can calm and sleep.

For patients with hypertension, wash feet with hot water, Liao can lower blood pressure.

Satisfied at night, not easy to digest, and easy to cause bad dreams, and even induce angina, myocardial infarction.

“It’s not easy to get rid of the nose and hair.”

“The so-called nose hair in the nostrils has the effect of purifying and filtering the air.”

It can stop dust and bacteria from entering the respiratory tract and lungs.

Therefore, the nose hair is like a Qingdao worker, so don’t pull it out.

The saliva of the mouth can not only help digestion, but also sterilize and detoxify, preventing the disease from entering the mouth.

Therefore, it is necessary to swear by the gold, not to spit; not spit on the ground, but also protect the environment.

“Sour taste hurts the gluten, bitterness hurts the bones, and sweetness does not benefit the meat.

“: Anything in the diet can cause damage to the body.”

In particular, eating most of the salt can make people die short and short.

Modern science has proved that eating too much salt can cause vascular disease, especially making people susceptible to high blood pressure. American scholars have found that each person eats 10 grams of salt per day, and the incidence of hypertension is about 10%.

The Eskimos only eat 4 grams of salt a day and have no hypertension.

Residents of northern Japan consume 26 grams of salt a day, and their incidence of hypertension is 40%. It can be seen that the ancients “salty and life promotion” is indeed a matter of experience and scientific.