And low-level belt can be done,Just, Quan Wei, no dare to resist the kind of injury。
Obviously this is the space of different categories.。
No, spring, just want to cut space,To form a horrible attack。
But the ability of space class is really no direction.,This is different from yin and yang five elements,Is another level of power。
It can be seen from Sasuke,His hook jade can make him a certain degree of space capabilities to a certain degree.。
And the nine hooks are more open to the eyes.,Shuttle space you want。
It is only the ability of Sasuke’s ability to utilize space.,But in essence is not as good as the nine hooks。
Spring is to do is to make his two eyes clean to the limit.,Then use three four-star blue tenant’s power,Thorough control space。
However, after all, the origin of his eyes has no soul.,May also be like Sasuke,Can only use the capabilities,Can’t always use。
But this is also enough for Spring.。
He suspected that there is a homework,Some people have also mastered this power。
This is the power of the same level with his intersection of five elements.,Can directly break the space。
However, Quan Wei is not eager to seek,In the next opportunity。
No need to improve now。
Now and Hui Night’s peeling mode is very good,Less not to break this relationship,That is not interesting.。
Springs show smile。
Then leave the space,He still has something to deal with。
“Damn”One underground space,A young man,Positive a headache。
And see his appearance,Actually the same as the spring。
This should be a new body。
It seems that the source will,Let him also have some bad。
This makes him the soul that the soul of the soul has been repaired, and it has been injured again.。
Originally, he just want to test the Spring.,By the way, clear the secret of Xianli。
I didn’t expect to be found in the first time.,This makes him lose a bit heavy。
His body starts in Spring to showcase,Start preparation。
to this end,He sneaked into the research base of the big snake pill,And take some of the cells。
He didn’t have the ability to win the body,And the two sons of the night in the endurance。
Spring is absolutely concerned,So he has opened from other aspects。
It is also careful enough.,Transfer your origin,This escapes。
And now he is just barely let this body to bear our own will.,I want to do it is completely impossible.,He can’t be the opponent of Spring。
The ability of the wedges of the coaching wood is originally in order to fully invade the soul of others.,Get their ability。
The clone is not so troublesome.,There is no soul。
But this new body,Although quite excellent,But it is also difficult to adapt to his current strength,Need a certain degree of tempering。
Springs,Also let his hearts a layer of haze。