If you go to a regular company to develop,Although the competitiveness is large,But as long as you have talents, you don’t have to worry about other problems.。
“Continental,Can you give us three days considered time??I need to discuss with my sister.,I am very good.,Can I apply with them??”
Lu Weijun took a business card to hand him。
“Can,If you think about it, please call me.,I will send someone to send you.,In the east,Not far from here。”
“thanks!”Yue Lingfeng is happy with hands and connects business cards.。
When Yue Lingxi is coming out,Just see this scene。
“Thank you!”Yue Lingfeng is very happy。
“sister,let me help you。”Yue Lingfeng is very happy to take a dish in Yue Lingxi。
Yue Lingxi has some doubts,But there is no talk。
Waiting for Yue Ling to enter the kitchen,She asked:“Small peak,What did you just talk to Lu??”
Yue Lingfeng smiles and bends,Very long and handsome,“sister,Lu Gong said,He acquired a company company company that specializes in manufacturing,It’s a very lack of engineering mechanic.,And I am maintenance machinery when I go to school.,Specially familiar with the structure and components of the car,Lu always gives me a chance,Let me go to the company to take the regular process,If it is successful,well done,Optional salary million。”
“Wow!”Yue Lingxi is also shocked,“Will there be such a good thing??”
“Really,sister,Lu Chian has given me a business card.。”Yue Lingfeng excited to take a business card to hand it to Yue Lingxi。
Yue Lingxi suddenly remembered what Yusheng said today,Today, he was defeated by Lu Yun.,Will definitely hate in the heart,I will definitely mess up in the dark。
“Small peak,Do you want you to try a try?,http://www.yangyangsao.cnLu’s group does not take a skirt,No matter what you and the president,You must have this ability to stay in the company.,You will not be seen by your own affairs.,No one can easily dismiss you easily。”
“sister,Do you also support me??”Yue Lingfeng is very excited。
Yue Lingxi nodded:“right,You have talents,You should go to the big company.,So you can show space。”
Yue Lingfeng is excited to nod,“mom,sister,Then I will go after three days.。”
Yue Wei smiled:“As long as you feel good, go.,You are now this age,It is the age of going out,I always try it to know that I can do it.?”
“You can do it in love with you.,Mom is looking for a relaxed job nearby,You don’t have to worry about your mother.。”Yue Wei smiled,Not saying more。
Let the children don’t have fathers,She is already sorry for the children.。
Yue Wei http://www.anjiazuche.cn quickly packed his emotions quickly,Let your brother two people go out,Prepare for a meal。
After the dish,Tang Yiyi came again。
She also mentioned the big bag in her hands.。
Yue Lingxi,Say:“Depend,You will come over.,Why do you still mention so much??”
Tang Yiyi looked at the warm small home,Laugh:“Xixi,Today, your family is a good day.,Of course, you have to bring a gift.。”
Yue Lingxi helped her to pick up the things in his hand.。
“Just catch up with dinner,Come over。”
Tang Yiyi looked at the small three rooms of her house,Laugh:“Xixi,Very good,Lovely。 ”
Yue Lingxi is also very much like it.,“Looking at the outside small courtyard,Very good。”
No matter everyone,As long as a family is happy, it is happiness.。
Tang Yiyi followed,See Lu Yujun’s instant,The whole person is shocked。