Xu Xuan is a little depressed,I don’t want to go20+That’s absolutely nonsense,But the coach can’t help but listen。
“Hey,Xu, are you happy now?”Little Tim·Hardaway laughed and leaned forward。
Xu Xuan is in a bad mood。
“Why?I was kind to comfort you。”Little Tim·Hardaway:“I also want to tell you what Rambis said,Wait.”
“I’ll let me start with you in the fourth quarter.”
Just say!
How could the coach do this“Damaging”Things,Just bad2There is no reason to press yourself down。
Xu Xuan’s mood cleared instantly,Take a look at little Tim·Hardaway is pleasing to the eye。
“Tim,I found out that you have today、Handsome?”
“.”Little Tim·Hardaway trembling lips:“you,you,What are you doing!?”
“roll!I am not interested in embroidery needles!”
First71chapter hope
98ratio94,The Knicks at home4Victory over the Utah Jazz!
Xu Xuan hit the audience27minute,Shot12in7,Three points5in3,penalty6in5Chop off22Minute、5Assist、4Backboard.Field goal percentage58.3%,Three point percentage60%!
Efficiency is still very scary!