On the contrary, Murong Xiaoyao saw Qin Liang,Still the same elation as before,But when she was about to pounce on Qin Liang’s bed,But was stopped by the officer。
“Little girl……You can’t touch your dad now,be good,obedient。”
The officer and Yan Yue coaxed Murong Xiaoyao。
“You are coming。”
Qin Liang, lying on the bed, forced a smile to greet everyone,Then she watched Shen Ruoxi not speaking。
“You are all injured……Badly injured?Have you been treated??”
Shen Ruoxi had a lot of things to say to Qin Liang,Really see him right now,Plus there are many people present,She didn’t know what to say……
“We are ok,Don’t worry……”
Qin Liang actually has a lot to say to Shen Ruoxi,But there are too many people in the ward,He also doesn’t know what to say。
“Where’s Xiaoxue??”
Shen Ruoxi suddenly remembered,Qin Liang and the others are back,But Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun have not yet appeared。
“Oh,We are coming back from the battlefield in batches,Because we were injured,So the first batch came back,Xiaoxue and the others will be back later。”
Qin Liang hurriedly explained,He doesn’t want Shen Ruoxi to finally stop worrying about herself,I’m going to worry about Shen Ruoxue again……
”Oh,That’s good,Where did you hurt?“
Shen Ruoxi walked to Qin Liang’s bed,Concerned question,Qin Liang is covered with sheets,So she can’t see where he hurts。
”It’s nothing,Got a shot in the chest,Have done the operation,It’s okay now。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“Got a shot in the chest!This is nothing?”