The Broadway musical “The Lion King” is here!200 performances in Wuhan, Beijing next year
Stills of the musical “The Lion King”.Picture by Joan Marcus? Disney on November 13, the original Broadway musical “The Lion King” jointly produced by Disney Theatre Group, Australia Michael Group, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and the seven-act life musical, announced that it will open Wuhan and Beijing in 2020Live performances in both places.Starting from the premiere of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater on February 19, 2020, “The Lion King” will perform in 200 places in both places, and the performance will last for more than half a year. Among them, the Beijing Poly Theater will be opened on May 6, 2020.For a period of three months, tickets for performances in both cities are currently invoiced.This is the largest and longest station on Broadway’s original musical “The Lion King” on this international tour. It also set a record for the highest number of international musical theatre tours in China.Stills of the musical “The Lion King”.Picture by Joan Marcus? Disney’s musical “Lion King”, premiered in 1997, is known as the “King of Musical”. During the 22 years of the show, the play has had 25 internationally produced versions and has been translated into 8 languages, attracting global superWatched by 100 million viewers, the box office revenue has exceeded US $ 7.2 billion, making it the only show in history that has toured for more than 16 years.In 2017, Disney launched the 20th anniversary international tour of the “Lion King” musical Broadway, and premiered in Manila in March 2018. The producer of this tour, Michael, introduced to the sauna and Yewang. Currently, “Lion King” is inThere are 9 production versions in the world at the same time. The Wuhan and Beijing resident performances will be synchronized with Broadway, West End and other places.The story of the musical “The Lion King” is adapted from the animated film of the same name familiar to the audience. In addition to covering the music made by Elton John and Tim Rice for the animated film of the same name and 3 new songs, it is from South African musician LiThe music of the album “Voice of the Glory” by P. M, Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer also includes “Do you hear love?””.The production scale of the Chinese in-house version is huge. 25 animals will appear on the stage. These animals will be controlled by actors with more than 200 sets of puppets. There are 134 actors and production teams participating in the performance.Thomas Schumacher, president and producer of Disney Theatre Group, introduced to Sauna, Yewang: “This time Chinese audiences will see many very Asian performances, but in fact, the most attractive part of” The Lion King “is here.The reason why it ‘s long acting has become a classic is because at the beginning of the creation, the show used cultures from all over the world, so that audiences everywhere in the world will feel that it is talking about their own cultural context.Story.”The main actors in this tour appeared at the press conference (from left to right): Amanda Kunene as Nana, Ntsepa Pitjeng as La Feiqi and Jordan Shaw as Simba.The organizer provided pictures. According to the sauna, Yewang learned that because the musical “Lion King” is too much in the “special performance area” of the theater, the Beijing Poly Theater this performance will be renovated in February next year, which will consumeIt took 20 days to remove the soundboard used in the theater for nearly 20 years. After the performance, a two-week stage maintenance and reconstruction will be carried out. The total cost is expected to be nearly 5 million.Yang Jiamin, founder and CEO of Seven Acts Life, said: “Residents are different from short-term tours. Residents require every prop, performance, and technical details to be 100% translated from the original production, so we chose a story like” Lion King “The classic musicals with a wide range are intended to introduce Chinese musical performances into an era of residency.”Sauna, Ye Wang Tian Xia Ni proofreading Wang Xin