[Drinking Chinese medicine to survive with tumor]_ tumor _ impact

Tumors are a relatively common physical disease for many people. Tumors are also a disease that is very harmful to health. Tumors are also classified as benign and malignant. Generally, benign tumors are less harmful to the health of the body.Malignant tumors are very harmful to the body, so early treatment is needed. Traditional Chinese medicine is not available for treating tumors, and it is difficult to survive with tumors. It is better to remove them.

Can drinking Chinese medicine survive with tumors?

Traditional Chinese medicine can not be eaten. The main methods of malignant tumors include surgical treatment of tumor lesions, chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy, and drug treatment. On the basis of tumor resection to replace the tumor load, chemotherapy can control the spread of tumors throughout the body and reduce the recurrence and metastasis rates.Treatment of tumor surgery Surgical treatment of solid tumors should first choose surgery.

Early patients can be completely resected or even cured by surgery.

Tumor chemotherapy kills tumor tissue through special chemotherapy drugs to achieve therapeutic effects.

It is one of the most commonly used treatment methods at present, but this method corresponds to prolongation. It is better not to use it if there is alternative therapy.

Tumor radiotherapy Radiotherapy is one of the commonly used treatment methods. It kills tumor tissue by radiation, which has a significant effect on skin, squamous cell carcinoma and other types of tumors.

However, it can also cause harm to the human body and cause insensitivity during long-term use.

Tumor bioimmunotherapy Tumor biotherapy is mainly to kill tumors, and is mainly used to prevent tumor metastasis and improve survival rate.

This therapy is safe and asymptomatic, and is often used as an adjuvant treatment after surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Tumor hyperthermia heats the tumor by adjusting the temperature with special instruments, allowing the tumor to ablate and disappear.

This method can improve the effect more than 10 times when used with chemoradiotherapy.

Radiofrequency treatment of tumors uses high-temperature scalding to treat tumors, which is a minimally invasive treatment, and is also a radical cure for small and medium tumors.

This method is simple to treat and is suitable for patients who do not want to undergo surgery and chemoradiation.

The minimally invasive tumor chemotherapy for tumor interventional treatment can directly implant the drug into the tumor with only 2mm of opening, which has better effect than ordinary chemotherapy, and has less pain and high safety for patients.

TCM treatment of tumors TCM treatments can alleviate the suffering of patients and extend survival time appropriately, but it should be clinically based, and all treatments should be used instead.