Let the Buddha are the center of the universe.。
“Two http://www.slmnet.cn brother,me too。”Lin Fenglang laughed:“Jade,Brahman,A person,People are aligned,We can fight。”
His blood is boiling between him,Blood seems to be a burning,A powerful war, a strong war。
With the rise of this powerful war,Lin Feng’s body also emerged in the airflow of the earth.,The ancient clock is in his palm。
Ancient horses inscribed,Sun and moon stars,Flower bird,It is the beginning of the end。
Just when Lin Feng was falling.,This is too superb starry, like a burning,A hot airflow emerged,A beautiful figure came out from the hot airflow.。
This person is the body,Beautiful,Handheld a sword。
This god sword is very special,Is a wooden quality,The above is engraved with ancient characters,It seems to be a burning,This wood sword is swallowing the sword of the world.。
One person carries a swept http://www.adorn168.cn breath to walk to Lin Feng,Brahma,Yeah,North Yinyang。
“Shangguan Shu is coming out。”
“The sword in her hands is terrible.。”
“This is from the fire sword!”
“It is actually from the fire sword,Is it not destroyed from the fire??In the Tang Dynasty,I was rated as the ancient and modern nine gods of that era。”
“have no idea,Maybe message is wrong,No wonder Shang Juan Yue can be connected in parallel,Passing from the fire sword, it is created by the trunk of the god tree.。”
Many people looked at Shangguan Yue and her swords in her hands.。
“Shangguan Yue,You finally came。”Yeah chaos carrying hands smiling:“Actually in your hand from the fire,very good,Take a look at Xuanyuanjian today,Chaos God sword,Who is the first sword from the fire!”
The gods of the ancient and modern top ten gods have swordscent。
http://www.csjlife.cn “good,I really want to know Xuanyuanjian,Free sword,Chaos God sword is strong。”Bei Yanyong carrier double hand。
“Xuanyuanjian,Free sword,Chaos Shenjian itself is difficult to judge,I want to see who this god sword is used in my hand.。”Shangguan Yue laughs and laughs:“This is the most important。”
“Amitabha,This is the truth。”Brahma laughs:“Odor,Willing to teach the three god swords。”
“Ha ha,It seems that everyone’s war is。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Today, I will be destined to load history.,I suggest you sign,Fair。”
“Lin brother,You can win such confidence to win us?”Yeah chaos looks at Lin Feng Road。
“Don’t dare,This war is destined to have a time-effective meaning.,If it is only for the future, a video is left,Isn’t it a lame??”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles。
“it is good!”
Brahma looked at the distant void:“Disguise,Arno,Flood……Wafer!”
“Dragon,Benan River……You will wait。”Bei Yanyang also looked at the void。
“Wang Meng……”Shangguan Yue Yue is looking at the void,I called many people’s name,These people have golden forces leaders in Latin American countries。
“Toron,Jeutan,Hitra!”Yeah also looked at the void and shouted some people.。
“Hu Meier,Stath,Golden wheel,Portuguese。”Lin Feng also looked at the surrounding name.。
A sound sound in the void。
A figure of a road came from all directions,I came to Lin Feng between the moment.,Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,Before the five people in Beiyang。
“I have seen five supreme!”
Hu Meier,Stath,Golden wheel,Portuguese,Toron,Jeutan,Hitra,Hong Japan and others have walked together。