I have been working overtime recent,Want to eat well。”
Ou Jingyi listened to this,Suddenly stop working in the hands,Watching her eyes deeply。
He just was because Yu Siyun was present.,Can’t eat。
So it’s back.,In addition to my mother, I will care about his life.,Is his three friends,Besides ,No one will care about him or not tired.?
His mild sound with a hint of hoarse。
NS948chapter:Dad woke up
Ning Feifei http://www.yqzjyf.cn laughs,Looking at the gratitude of him,Plenty of heart,actually,She can feel that he is alone when he is alone.,His home,There is also a big brother of the same father,The relationship between the brothers does not seem to be good.。
Instead, and Lu Haozheng,Muzi,Sudoming a few people,Just like a brother。
“European secretary,Then you have to eat it.,I will cool it in a cold.。
I will go back first.。”
Ning Feifei does not stop more,Turn away,See him every time,Her heart is like itself,Every time she is like suffocating the same.。
Yu Siyun looked at Ning Feifei back with a meal.,No directly enter the office,It is standing at the door waiting for a while.,Looking at Ning Feifei sent the meal to the office of Oujing,She is annoyed in her heart,Ou Jing is because of her, do you leave the dinner table??
Is her words so disgusting??
Still he looks at yourself is getting nausea.?
She is slightly lip,It seems that this thing is no way to change。
never mind,She can’t help uncle,Still trying to strive for the location of the general manager of the Champion Group.。
Is Yang Jing very powerful??
Don’t see it。
She slowly returned to the office,I think about how to do it in my heart.。
Li Yina is coming back,Just rushing over and watching Blue Xin。
Looking at Blue Xin and you first come for the first time.,No improvement,Stay in the hospital bed quietly,She silently flows out tears。
Lu Haozheng,Also very helpless,Blue-blue situation has improved a lot,sometimes,He chat with her.,Have a happy place,Occasionally, I can see her fingers.,Sometimes I will also tears,These slight symptoms are prompting,She is going to wake up.,More than a month,The blue is still not open to see him.。
Li Yina controls his emotions,Looking at Lu Hao:“Continental,From this year’s international designer contest,Only one month old,Blue is only afraid to miss this year.,what a pity,Her design,Many people like,Especially the wedding dress of Xia Chi,I heard that she is very satisfied.,More than a month,It’s her wedding.,At that time, everyone can breathe.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Teacher Li,This opportunity will have,Waiting for the blue blue,Also have the opportunity to participate,There are also next year.,This is her dream,She doesn’t want to give up like this.。”
http://www.wei0511.cn “Um!I only hope that she can wake up a little bit.,Raise your body,Can you chase her dreams,Peak。
This child is so kind,God will help her。”
She believes that good people have good news.。
Yao Yao snapped her fiance,At the end, I ended at the end of the division.,This is also a retribution.。
Now Yao Yao,No eligibility is in front of her.,Some is just her efforts to maintain self-respect,Come back,She heard the news of the divorce of Yao Yao,Hear this news,She is very calm,That woman also hurt her again.。
“Teacher Li,Blue blue will certainly get better,I heard that you are going abroad.,went well?”
Lu Hao Cheng asked。
“Um!I went back to the head office.,Unworthy。
There is a bag on the other side.,It is a gift for Xiaojun’s brothers and sisters.,When someone came over at home, let them take back to Xiaojun http://www.yk9999.cn them.,I hope they can like Blue Hands.。”
Lu Hao is grateful,Looked a beautiful handbag,“Teacher Li,Xiaojun, they will be very happy.。”
Li Yina smiled:“If they can like,I’m very happy.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Will do。”