Song Shihe hesitated after listening。
“how,Dislike the low salary?”
“Is not,It’s already higher than the salary I used to listen to Yunju。”Song Shi and scratching his head said:“But my girlfriend said,When looking for a job, you must find a promising job,Prices are rising every year,If the salary does not change every year,I can’t afford pork soon。”
After listening to him,Is Song Shihe an honest person? Chen Xiu still can’t draw a conclusion.,But at least I know that this guy’s head is probably not very sensitive。
What’s the future for you as an antique shop。
Although Chen Xiu didn’t despise any profession。
But the reality is not like this。
“Increase every year10%salary,Satisfied。”
“satisfaction。”Song Shihe excitedly said:“boss,Then start work today,What to do now?”
“What to do?”
Chen Xiu’s own shop doesn’t add up to 24 hours,I don’t know what to do for a while,Weak question:“What did you dare to listen to Yunju before?”
“The original boss likes to ask me to clean everything。”
“That line,Clean up the store first。”
Song Shihe is very diligent,He always has work in a small store,Clean this up,Sort that,Never stopped。