She knew that even if she didn’t talk about breaking up,She and Lu Ban can’t go back。
Is it Lu Ban’s cause??
Seems not。
to be exact,It should be Gu Qiao’s own reason,In her worldview,No flaws in the relationship。
but,Talking with Kong Xi for so long,She has a faint suspicion of what she has always believed in。
“Is it,I did wrong?”
At this moment,
A worried voice came from outside the gate:“Hey,Hey,Qiaoer,Stop pouring,Pour it out again。”
Gu Qiao hurriedly recovered,Just wandered,The kettle in my hand has been watering the vegetable leaves。
She was startled suddenly。
Look back at the door,Man standing there with luggage,Luban。
On his neck,Around the red oneHELLO KITYscarf,A bit bloated,Also kind of funny。
Lu Ban breathed a sigh of relief,Tugged the scarf around my neck——