“Uncle Liang,This is my dad,He saved me from the bad guys。”
The little princess is nestled in Liang Feng’s arms,Pointing at Qin Liang and shouting。
Liang Feng gently pushed the little princess away,To a woman behind,Then walked in front of Qin Liang,Looked up and down,Said with a smile;“Hello there,Mr. Qin,We meet again。”
“you are?”
Qin Liang looked at the familiar middle-aged man in front of him,Polite question。
“I’m Liang Feng, the housekeeper of Mrs. Murongshan’s house,I met Mr. Qin。”
Liang Bong introduced himself with a smile。
Murong Shan!
No wonder I think I’ve been to this place,It turns out that this is Murongshan’s home!
The little princess turned out to be Murongshan’s daughter!
Qin Liang is real this time“Brain short circuit”Up!
This ending is really unexpected,Qin Liang didn’t expect it……
Murongshan waited till late yesterday,I didn’t wait until my daughter came back,She called Liu Yong,Liu Yong only told her that she should still be on the way,Tell her not to worry,I can’t say anything else。
Murong Shan helpless,I had to wait till the middle of the night with a fluke,I really can’t hold on, so I went back to the bedroom to sleep,now,She’s still asleep。
Was awakened from sleep by a servant,Murongshan’s boss is upset,Everyone in Murong’s family knows,Because of work,Socialize,Participated in many activities,There is already less time to rest,So when Murongshan is sleeping,Never allow anyone to disturb,Unless it is a very special situation。
“lady!It’s miss!Miss is back!”