“Fengxian,Iran,Come,Eat vegetables,Rational。”
Liu Qingqing is white and a white eye,Mild and smile。
Yun Ino and Zhang Fengxian rushed to thank you.,Both people look at each other,The eyes are not intentionally in the summer and Liu Qingqing.。
Zhang Fengxian’s eyes http://www.asszero.cn have a worry。
Although I just introduced it,Liu Qingqing claims to be a colleague in summer。
But Zhang Fengxian can see it.,The relationship between the two is not general。
But as a girlfriends and roommates of Yunno,Zhang Fengxian is clearer to Yunno’s love for summer。
Good,She didn’t see any different from Yun Ino。
After the death,Summer personally sent them to the campus door。
About what happened before,He didn’t blame Yunno,Nothing to comfort,Just mention。
The two have been watching the car into the train.,Take it to enter the campus。
“Iran,Are you OK?”Zhang Fengxian tried inquiry。
“It’s alright?”Yunlno smile,Step down,“What can I have?。”
“But……you are not……”
Zhang Fengxian, I don’t know what to say.,Simmer,“Hey,I just said.,Summer brother and Liu Qingqing relationship is not usually,I guess that they are very likely to be lovers.。”
“Well……I think so。”Yun Yo is still a windy look.。
“what?Since this,you,you……”
Look at the exaggerated expression on her face,Yun Yino smiled。
“I know what you want to say.,Be right,I like summer brother,Very very much,I used to swear,Marry him after growing,But I am growing up now.,I feel hard to achieve,Excellent man like summer brother,How can no one likes?。”
Toned,She is a hand,Stop Zhang Fengxian,Also,“but……I like summer brother,Have you had a girlfriend?,There is no relationship,Even if he is married,I still like him.,How?。”
Zhang Fengxian, a pair of eyes,“you,You have to do a small three?”
Say this sentence,She immediately added another sentence.,“Iran,You won’t be serious.?”
“of course it’s true。”
Yun Yino laughs,More familiar people know,In this smile,But there http://www.xingchichuanmei.cn is no firmness that no one can change。
“Ugh,I don’t know how to advise you.。”
Zhang Fengxian sighed a breath,Subsequent two eyes flashing small stars,“However, the brother is really handsome in summer.,It’s just cool.,Iran,You ask the summer brother,Need no warm bed……”
“You are hooligan。”
Two women go all the way,The voice of hip hop is from time to time.,Students who have attracted four weeks。
at the same time。
Summer and Liu Qingqing drive to Baihua Group。