“I said that,No need to。”
Mo Xiaosheng opened his hand,Then she stood in front of Qiao Yiyi,Help her keep people out。
“Let’s go。”
Qiao Yiyi glanced at those people with disgust,Pulling Mo Xiaosheng’s clothes corner to walk into the car。
“What’s the hurry,beauty,Brothers can’t eat you,Besides, your husband is here too, right?。”The short winter melon tilted his head and said displeasedly,At the same time I took off my waistband with my hand。
The other three people gathered at once,Said with an upset face:“That’s right,Don’t give us some face, right??”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded seriously,Said:“Just don’t give you face。”
“My grass!You’re so fucking crazy,Do you know who Lao Tzu is??”
Dwarf melon pointed at himself with his thumb,Chongmo Xiaosheng said viciously。
“do not know,I only know,If you guys dare to harass us again,After a while, I regret taking off my clothes and jumping into the river one by one。”Mo Xiaosheng looked plain,The light in the eyes is cold。
There is an artificial river not far from this stall。
The guests at the next tables heard the quarrel here,All curiously look here,Hearing Mo Xiaosheng said to let the short winter melons take off their clothes and jump into the river,Couldn’t help but laughed secretly。
Such a cold day,If you take off your clothes and jump into the river,I won’t freeze to death。