midnight,The whole house is falling into sleep,Even the bamboo http://www.027liyi.cn knife forged room is turned off.。
The only thing is not turned off,Is the living room of Xuan Yuxi,Seeing that he is not going to sleep tonight.。
Western thousand people came out of the house,Before going to the home,He looked back and looked at the bright living room.,It is easy to see a movie in front of the board.,Anxiously put chess pieces。
“Really used,But the direction is wrong.,So this again,Will not work。”Xi Qian is helpless,I immediately walked out the door of the courtyard.。
He sat in his own car,Sway on top,Then call the Yuechuan Longhe。
“Hey,Is my dear??”In addition to the sound of Yuechuan Longhe,There is also a glass of ice.。
“That timing clock,I have already successfully done it.,I directly dropped it and the original timing clock.,No agreed by Xuan Yuxi,Yourself。”Xi Qian。
Maybe this is the meaning of Yinchuan,some“help”Thing,No need to adhere to the help。
“In order to facilitate him to recognize that it is the clock I gave him on the same day.,I have a marker on it.,Let him understand at a glance,Is we helping him。”Xi Qian Yamo has a ring that he does not name the ring.。
Although this is only a regular red ring,But just scratch it with force,It is easy to scrape the powder。
When the day and Xuan Yuxi meet,He has always shaken this ring.,Leave a deep impression on the other party。
Wait until tomorrow,Xuan Yuxi will be surprised to find,That seemingly similar to the same product is exactly the same product on the clock used by the bureau today.,There is a weak red mark。
At that time he would understand,I am helped.。
Xilian Zhang Yu is hesitantly:“I have a question,That timing clock,Is it really useful??”
Chapter 48 · Night talks
“That timing clock,I also used myself.,I always feel like there is no obvious effect.。”Xi Qun said his doubts。
According to Yinchuan Long,Its effect is20The second one is left for a certain party.2Second time,But the Xi Qian is actually feeling.,I don’t feel the fluctuations of this layer of time.。
But this is nothing,His Taoist title,Is a long-time chess battle in the two-day system,Each time is used up10Hours,He is really not very sensitive to his second.。
But,In this case,For the discipline and bamboo knife forging this professional fast chess team,Can’t I feel??
“It will not work until,Only depends on the intelligence you are optimistic tomorrow.,Don’t let us down。”Yuechuan Long said。
He continues to add:“But don’t forget it.,The goal of intelligence is to win the championship,But our goal is just let him become a comrades.。”
Xi Qian:“Understand the teammates,Does our other teammates have finalized it??”
“I am worse.,Probably the next day after the end of the war,He will take the initiative to contact us,When you come, you will comply to meet you.。”
“learn。”Western head。
After a period of time,He is also familiar with the Yinchuan Dragon,At least, confirm that he is not one side to jump with the elegant Swan Lake, the brain has suddenly draws out the pistol to kill a http://www.njsybg.cn neuropathy they subordinate.,How many riddle components are not in white。
Although he is crazy,But it is also full of rationality。
Honestly, this kind of person can be more distracted.。
Now that the west of the thirst is thinking about the dragon’s battle.,Also think about how to be in the Dragon Sakaya,It’s so so that you can mix it in the industry.。
“However, there is a bit of prior explanation.,Under the pressure of Night God,It is not so easy to make a team with strength and trustworthy.,You will see two teammates than I and intelligence.,Don’t be disappointed.,Distinguished。”
Xi Qianzhi closed eyes:“Understand,The main force is three。”
“That’s it,Take a way,The lineup between the night god country, has also been finalized.,He enabled all nine paragraphs of lineup,Saito Allegation,And the location of the http://www.lpfamily.cn departure is taken by Mu Ancient Sheng Naixiang.,I don’t know the list of down.。”
“All nine paragraph lineup?That group is now playing?”Some surprised。
“Don’t underestimate their strength,In the age of the last fortune,They are already playing chess.,It is a pure chess for utilitarian pursuit.,Today’s prosperity is built on their hard work。”
“But their strength has been”
“This is not a problem,Night God of Beijing is one of the power of the Royal Cast,Is giving them the ability to return to youth,Then concentrate more than three months,They will be powerful。”
Re-return to youth’s ability,This is the first time I heard this statement.。