Just when the knife is about to touch the neck of Xia Xue,I saw her slap in a low head.,Insurance and danger。
At the same time, let’s go back.。
This moment。
Xia Xue’s white right arm is like a hand whip.,Take a whistling,Xiu Xiu http://www.bigdress.cn rang,Bloom high-pressure airflow。
Xu Bo is shocked,The pupil suddenly shrinks the needle maidger。
He didn’t think of it.,Xia Xue not only avoids his sneak attack,I can actually counterattack instantly。
They don’t say……Is the other party just an ordinary woman??
No time to be horrified,Xu Bo rushes to another to resist。
Fist with arms,A pastry comes from the wrist,Xu Bo is more,The figure is repelled by a punch。
Xia Xue is a snoring,Follow,Changing boxing,Handle,Wrist is like a flower butterfly,Lightning is like Xu Bo’s neck。
if we assume,Xia Xue can avoid sneak attack at the same time,Let Xu Bo shocked,Then at this time,This remember,The 噼 噼 噼 出 出 出,Let Xu Bo can’t be awkward。
God level!
The other party is at least God level force!
This is Summer Snow at this moment to give Xu Bo’s feelings.。
Especially the fierce front of the opponent is coming out of the momentum.,Can’t hide at all。
In fact, this resentment can not be Xu Bo,Also can’t resentful for your strength。
They don’t know at all,Xia Xue and summer are not only a brother.,It was also taught by the same master.。
Even in a certain aspect,Xia Xue’s talents must be strong in summer,Just after she came to Beijing,Be honest,I have been delayed.。
even so,She also has the battle of God-level peak。
This moment of Xu Bo is angry http://www.qwoxki.cn and angry,Interest to the mother!
He knows that the plan failed。
But this is not the most important。
Important,He exposed itself……If it is separated by Xia Xue safely,What kind of anger he will bear?
Never let her leave。
Xu Boxia answered a cruel fierce light。
Two people turn to do tens of tricks,Xia Xue occupies the first hand,Active attack,And Xu Bo is constantly being blocked。
“Xu Bo,Hello big courage!”
Xia Xue can’t drink,The figure is like a ghost general flashing,白 皙 拳 直 博 心 心。