Mu Ruru also took Shen Huan and Mu Guishu to the side of his three pieces of gambling。
At this time she finally didn’t ignore her dad,Otherwise, Mu Guishu will be out of anger。
Because the manpower is very rich,Six pieces of jadeite are solved together。
2The number is bigger,Have80Cm high,Irregular perimeter,The widest is40More cm,The narrowest is20More cm。
It has very thick python marks on its body,And there are many jade ringworms,Looks very valuable。
But the first solution,It’s Ma Liangyuan14number。
This piece is approximately40Cm high、20Cm wide jadeite,Just wiped about2About cm,Has already produced a piece of green。
Although I rinsed it with a water gun,But the jade inside looks average,Glutinous species。
But Ma Liangyuan didn’t panic,It’s just holding arms and waiting。
as expected,Wipe down this place,Immediately there was a stronger green。
“To the level of Yang Qiao Lv!nice!”Someone was amazed。
“If you can dig3There are still around centimeters,At least two pairs of bracelets,The price has exceeded100Ten thousand。”Another person asserted。
Suddenly,There was another exclamation voice from the other side。
Everyone turned around and looked at selfishness,Found Mu Ruru15number,Also rubbed out a thick yellow。