So-called,It is the time when it is not a zombie.,At that time, the will be a person.,One can be with Xuanyuan Great,蚩蚩,Strong Strong Strong Square,Life annotation and sentiments are here。
So-called death,Minister,Not willing to die,With residual will and opportunities,He embedded another road to practice.,Zombie,Awakening,Therefore, it is called a generation of zombies.。
“It’s really ahead!”
Lin Feng looked at this experience,In addition to shocking or shocking,This requires how profound understanding and understanding of martial arts and practice,I really did reversing life and death.。
The law of the minister is also gradually circulated.,There are also many people who choose to be zombies.,Take expect to restore the memories of the past。
But the successful person is very small,Or being controlled,Become a killing machine,Or is found to be destroyed by the body。
The zombies around you are actually the examples.。
Yin Lin Feng continues to read down,He saw the annotation of corpus,The law of corpse is essentially a step by step by step.,Recovery past memory,And control,Become itself,In the past, there is also ambition of the world.。
The principle is very simple,Feeders themselves provide blood,Take the zombies and feeders to establish a blood soul connection,Zombies can’t resist breeders at all,Moreover, some memories of the zombie itself will gradually enter into the breeding of the breeders.。
“wipe,This golden big snake gives me something should be a corpse。”Lin Feng recalled the lower,It is estimated that the golden big python is not complete.。
Feeding is only the first step。
The most critical is the second part,The second part is going to find a wood,Named,According to the records in this book,Soul wood grow in a special environment,It is the place where some souls are gathered.,Almost more yin flowers are rare。
After finding it, the soul is crushed,Skating a few hours with the blood of the breeder itself,Daily raising zombies,Time is not,Zombie gradually recovery,More and more powerful!
“The first step I did it.,The lack is the second step。”Lin Feng mysterical:“But how do you find a soul wood??”
“Tang Pharmacy,Simple?”These two people have emerged in Lin Feng’s mind.,Can only look for clues from these two individuals.。
“After the dawn, I will call them again.。”Lin Feng mysterical,We immediately let go of Lin Feng,The note of the corpse is recorded。
For example, breeders and the raising zombie strength cannot be too gap.,Otherwise, can’t control,Be slapped,And the will of the breeder is not strong enough,It will also cause the soul to be overwhelmed,Directly changed,There is also a bloody。
It will be squeezed with squeezing slightly without paying attention.。
“I don’t matter.,Millennium blood group,My will is strong enough,Don’t worry about the hustle mock of terror。”Lin Feng Road。
Lin Feng continued to read,I saw the annotation about zombie corpse,An ordinary person once poisoned,It will turn into a zombie,Want to resolve,very simple,Need glutinous rice and the soul,And take it back,And the zombie is actually the blood is poisonous.。
Not limited to the description of TVs,The TV is just a corpse of zombies on the teeth.。
“Corps?”Lin Feng continued to read it,Found the method of controlling zombies,This control method is a method called a corpse ring.,This allows you to control the zombies on a large scale.。
Compared with corpus,The corpse bell is in large-scale control,Slow control for each body,Corrugate,It’s like avatar。
The two have the advantages and disadvantages。
“it is good,it is good,it is good,Really ancestors,This is really a book.。”Lin Feng praised,Use good words,Most more than a goddess。
I immediately rose.,There are very many contents behind,It is not that he can digest twice.,And he doesn’t need so much.,Tack this zombie within a short time,It is already enough。
And after Lin Feng carefully collected it, put it on your body.,His figure came to the lakeside,The knee is sitting on the ground and begins to comprehend the situation.。
Time gradually,Sunrise oriental,Lin Feng’s phone sounded,Woke him,He looked at the phone is a brightened phone.。
“wipe,Will n’t it be so fast?。”Lin Feng looked at the mobile phone。
I immediately turned on the phone,The voice came from the phone.:“Forest president,Is it at home now??I am now in Zhongzhou International Airport.。”
“senior,Good morning,I heard that you come.,I was coming from the Miao in the night.,the weather is nice today。”Lin Feng haha smiled。
NS485chapter Ahead of the shadow
“The weather today is very good,it is good,Thanks a lot。”Smile with a smile。
“All right,I will go to the airport right away.,quickly。”Lin Feng smiled and said,I immediately hang up the phone,This is so fast.。
I immediately got up and came to the front.,Open the car door and rushed to Zhongzhou International Airport.,Fast speed,After ten minutes, the car docked at the door of the international airport.,Sure enough, a simple figure is at the door.。
“It seems that you have to set a reception here.。”Lin Feng looked at the Zhanghua Ji Dynasty standing at the door.。