Zhou Meili complimented Liu Xiaoyun and praised Liu Xiaoyun.。
“I am telling the truth,I didn’t fool you。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile。
“Murong is very good,I watched the TV news report about her desperate to save people the other day。”
Zhou Meili turned the topic off。
“should say,She didn’t let you save her。”
Liu Xiaoyun circled the topic again……To talk,Zhou Meili will not be Liu Xiaoyun’s opponent either。
“It seems that you were the last person who rescued her from the cave。”
Zhou Meili tried to change the subject again。
“I didn’t save her,After she rescued the baby first,She herself is exhausted,No strength to climb out,I just gave her a hand,There is no such thing as saving。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled again and replied。
“The name of your Shen family girl is too loud now!And I think no matter where something goes wrong,You will all be there in time。”
Zhou Meili said again。
“Not our Shen family sister,It’s our Shen family sister,You have to remember:From now on, you will also be a sister of the Shen family。”
Liu Xiaoyun seriously corrected Zhou Meili’s speech problem。