Xia Jian walked over and took a look, I found it was from Pingdu,He is busy。
“Hey!That person?“Xia Jian saw it was from a fixed phone,He can’t be sure for a while who beat it,So I asked”
There was a woman’s angry voice on the phone:“I am Ouyang Hong!What do you mean?I won’t call us when I come back?”
“It’s not convenient to talk about these things on the phone,I will explain to you slowly when I return to Pingdu,What I want to tell you now is that I http://www.yytgd.cn have nothing to do,Everything is fine。Could you please notify Pingdu Public Security Bureau,I’ll be back in two days,I will find them again”Xia Jian whispered on the phone。
First1137chapter Last resort
Xia Jian hung up the phone,I was about to chat with Jin Yimei for a while。
Guan Tingna knocked on the door and walked in,She smiled as soon as she saw Xia Jian:“President Xia!good news,The price of the property market in Bucheon has been affected by us。Century Flower under the name of Beiwei Group、And the two properties of Tanglin Real Estate’s quality apartments are the first to increase prices,Thus,Those smaller investors have also risen”
“it is good!Great,You have to hold the dynamic,Feed me the latest news。What is the current sales situation in the financial center?”Xia Jian asked very happily。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“So exciting,25number-31You bought the building looking at the drawings,Listen to the call from the sales office,They didn’t sleep all night last night,There are still many people in line”
“Great!President Jin,Transfer part of your finance department staff to General Guan,Support their sales”Xia Jian said,He gave Jin Yimei an order。
Jin Yimei,Immediately stood up and said:“Ok!I will arrange”Zhang http://www.meitebangong.cn Xinyi sees Xia Jian is so busy,Also followed Jin Yimei。
After Xia Jian waited for these two people to leave,So I called Wang Lin,When Wang Lin enters his office,He said to Guan Tingna:“Financial Center,Must use this fire,Sell all the properties”