Just sell him a good?
Maybe this。
But it is definitely not the most important。
so,He has this question。
Already replaced someone http://www.shhongxiang.cn else,Pan Dongfeng on the ground。
“Ah,Xia Master is really keen。”
Toned,Also,“Taxia Master know,You are very dangerous today.?”
Summer eyes flash,Jam,“The first thing that is the first thing is……Not only you recognize me?”
“right,Not only us,There is also someone to recognize you.,Just I don’t know who it is.,I don’t know a few people.,But I can affirm,Wang Qing’s personality,He pressed your value after cleaner,Not necessarily, you will leave you.。”
Summer back to everyone,A wipe cold light in the eyes,“Ah,He called me to come to the city,When the face stamps my identity,This is a threat,How can I believe his words?,I originally planned to find a chance to retreat for two days.。”
“How to be very good,It seems that I am worried about it.。”
Summer earlie brings,“Unsatisfactory master,Since listening to your http://www.lfxxsp.cn situation,I want to find a chance to pay.,you know too,Master like you,What is the significance of a chamber of commerce?,I do this.,One is true, I really want to pay for the Master of Xia。”
Paused,Spit a sentence,“Two,The reason why it is doing,Also want to send summer master one person。”
“What person is?”
“Decolition is constipated!”
NS3441chapter Six products
Decolition is constipated?
Summer eyebrows are weak in mind。
In fact,He is not concerned about these。
He cultivated,Culturally、God’s soul……All the purpose,It’s all to enhance your strength.。
Those foreign objects、remains、Secret treasure,Not very interested。
Original learning refinery,Also not,In order to earn a moistoin。
And now,Whether it is a refiner or a mailing,It is a great benefit to his cultivation.,Essentials。
If you really have that time,He can learn the character。
Blood old monsters have given a set of embodies,And learning experience and experience。
His foundation,Can get started quickly,Even achievements。
Summer is not interested,But not so time to waste。
How is the fixed element wall??
What is it?!At this time,裴 东风 的 神 传 传 继 continues。
“Xia Master,The power of our Dongfeng Community is spread all over the 500th coaches of Shenpu Island.,A hundred years old,How can I sleep?,I want to leave,I have already gone in advance.,Leaving,That is to see this set of yuan walls。”
No waiting for summer,Also,“you know too,The big line I built will always receive some rare strange things.,Occasionally,I learned a great secret from a jade simple.,This set of yuan wall,It seems to be with the legendary gods、Realist,If it is the secret of the fixed element wall,Maybe you can enter the god。”
Summer stunned。
“Spirit world?