Who is so boring?,Bring these two peoplecpBundle。
Dream is normal,Also specially like to watch novels,Hematop president’s hegemony is a type of wife,She is dizzy, she is dizzy.。
This will get two familiar people.,She is surprised to be very curious.。
She suddenly saw it in the moment.。
In the case of Lu Haoge, Lu Hao,Every female secretary is, everything is beautiful.,One of the squad,Unfortunately, one is not long.,I was resigned in a few days.。
Instead, Junmei is like a woman’s European, which has been appreciated by Lu Haozheng.,The two people are all practical.,Ou Jingzhen also is http://www.daogd.cn willing to be a secretary of Lu Hao Cheng。
As a two,There are many different versions of rumors outflow,I liked the same personcpThe author is written into a novel for people’s pastime.。
Before reading,Dream is still deliberately to search online.,This kind of melon eats,Dream is somewhat unclear,These two peoplecpIt’s really like it.。
Dream softly read,The author’s writing is very good,Put the scenes of the two people,Experience struggled together,There are also two relationships between two people.,And the temperament of the emotion,Dream soft, red heartbeat。
The biggest a little bit of humanities is a very envious of the vetement pets.。
Dream soft occasion,After all, it is also the time to kill.,Both small shorts,50,000 words,Looked half,It’s so good.,Fun。
Dream soft, I can’t help but share the link to Blue Xin.。
Blue Xin has just opened it.,A look at the phone,I saw the link between dream soft hair.。
She opened a look,I thought it was wrong.,When I saw Lu Haoheng and European,She looked at Lu Hao Cheng, who carefully works on her desk.,I can’t help but swallow a spit,When is the two people being bundled??
Blue Xin saw the time of the text,Actually it is four years ago。,
Blue Xin feels a little hot in the ear, is a symptom。
She thinks that I don’t count today.,Simply stealing a lazy,First shout。
She looks quite carefully,On the side and dream soft communication,Two little women see the stunned part of the people can’t help each other in the interpretation,相 相 入。
〔Ha ha.Blue sister,You see this paragraph,It’s so nice.,The brother-in-law is brave and brave.,Well?,First time I see thiscp,I am laughing out the goose.。〕
Blue Xin can imagine the opposite little girl smiles the sky.。
Blue Xin:[The author is really too understanding Lu Hao Cheng.,Describble is close。]
Fierce:“Blue sister,Then I can understand the brother-in-law in life, is it so brave??”
Blue Xin’s face,This little girl,Do you want http://www.sushidelivery.cn to be too investment?。
Blue Xin:[younger sister,You are too deep.!]
Fierce:〔Blue sister,Really entered,Have a sister,It should be a very considerate person in life.,Have already!〕
Blue Xin:〔Ok,you are right,He is really very intimate about me.,Continue to see,It’s rare to lazy when I work.。〕
Fierce:〔Hey-hey……It seems that the magical is quite big.,Blue sister can don’t delay work。〕
Blue Xin:〔Will not。〕
Lu Haocheng seems to feel the joy of Blue Xin,Looking up at her,Seeing that she is holding her mobile phone very seriously。
He can’t help but get up,Smile:“Wife,What is it??”
Blue Xin wants to open the opening:“See you and Ou Xiangqi fire,Yunchao Yu。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s foot,Almost kneel on the ground,He heard it.?
He and European?
He must be wrong.。
Lu Haocheng took a deep http://www.51knock.cn breath,Press the emotions of the heart。
“Wife,I am not wrong.?”He likes to watch Blue Xin as heard of the sky.。
“what……”Lan Xin reacted,Surprised to look at Lu Hao Cheng。