Qin Liang looked around,Then he quickly fixed his gaze on the densely leafy tree in the yard。
“It’s you down?I’ll go up?”
Walk slowly under the tree,See clearly that there is absolutely no one else around,Qin Liang just raised his head and asked the tree。The leaves are too lush,He can’t see who the person on the tree is。
“You should come up……”
Swallow hesitated for a moment,Quiet answer。
If she goes down,It’s still easy to see Qin Liang talking to her,It’s so easy for Qin Liang to expose his target,So Yanzi chose to let Qin Liang come up。Two people hiding in a tree talking,Nothing will be discovered。
Qin Liang circled the tree,Optimistic about where it is easy to climb,Climb to the tree with a few hands and feet,Then he saw a swallow sitting on a tree trunk like a koala。
Qin Liangqing couldn’t help laughing。
“What are you laughing laughing?What’s ridiculous!”
Swallow’s face turns red,Murmured a little embarrassingly……
“Ha ha,You really find a place for yourself!give it a like。”
Qin Liang was talking,Climb to Yanzi’s side,Took a closer look at where she was hiding。
“That’s right,This place is neither tired,Still very comfortable on tummy,Without revealing yourself。”Swallow has a very clever look,Proudly。
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Chapter one hundred and seventy-two The lost swallow
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