[Dishes]taught me to do _ _ how do how to do

It is home cooking at home, cooking and eating is often a kind of food, cooking and home cooking, home life is a skill necessary.

After all, if they will cook it, you can let the family eat more healthy foods, Also, if friends and family visit, but also allows them a real treat.

So, which homemade dishes are more delicious and simple?

The following will introduce several home cooking methods.

I. Mapo tofu ingredients: diced tofu, minced beef, bean paste seasoning: salt, wine, dried red pepper, garlic, ginger, ground pepper, water starch, soy sauce, a small amount of sugar Practice: 1, add a small amount to the potVegetable oil, heat over high heat, add oil to the watercress, salt, dried red pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper powder, minced beef, or add minced beef with the above ingredients.

Fried incense.

2. Add the tofu cut into small pieces.

Reduce heat and bring to a boil.

3. After the tofu is cooked, change to high heat and add the tartar sauce mixed with water starch, sugar, wine, monosodium glutamate, and soy sauce.

After the tartar sauce is evenly attached, turn off the heat and raise the pot.

4, from the pot, sprinkle with pepper noodles, fragrant, Sichuan-style Mapo tofu!

Second, tomato scrambled eggs material: tomatoes, eggs, green onions, tomato ingredients: vegetable oil, salt, sugar.

Production process 1.
Tomatoes are cut into different sizes and they don’t matter what shape they are. Green peppers are cut into small diamond-shaped pieces. The eggs are opened and placed in a bowl. Put in warm water and beat well. Add the salt.

2.Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan (when scrambled eggs, the amount of oil is critical, my experience is to put 2/5 of the egg liquid), when the oil is hot, pour the egg liquid, pay attention to this timeThe egg liquid will solidify naturally. Do not move. When the egg liquid is solidified (be careful that the oil is dried, causing the egg to paste), use a rice spatula (also called a frying spoon) to gently enter from the edge of the egg and turn the egg.Come over, fry it, and when the color of both sides is golden, then gently separate the eggs with a shovel, do not deliberately smash them, and then take the eggs out of the pan (it is not necessary, but wait until you are skilledLet’s talk about it) At this time, there should still be some oil in the pot. Add the green onion and stir-fry the flavor. Put the cut tomatoes into the pot. Because the tomatoes are rich in water, there will be water precipitation. Wait until the tomatoesWhen the water is not completely out, put the scrambled eggs at this time, add the salt, fry it a few times, and bring it out of the pan.

Third, back to the meat raw materials: pig hips, garlic seasoning: watercress sauce, tempeh, green onion, ginger, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, rice wine practice: 1, boil the meat under water, cook for about 20 minutes, including the onion, ginger, pepper, Aniseed, cinnamon, rice wine, skimming the floating foam, wait for the chopsticks to be inserted into the meat, turn off the heat, soak for 5 minutes, and then take out the pot 2, slap the garlic, cut the inclined knife segment, cut the meat into large slices, see yourThe knife work, the thinner the better 3, put some oil in the pot, put white meat, stir fry, fat scales, after transparent, shovel the meat to the side of the pot (this is a lazy approach!

Ha ha!

In fact, the meat should be shoveled first and fried in watercress sauce), add the watercress sauce, scoop out the red oil, and add the black bean curd, ginger, green garlic, and stir-fry.

You don’t need to add salt to this dish, because the bean paste is already salty enough.

4. The garlic is slightly softened, drizzled with rice wine, and ready to serve.