fighting,From this moment,Is the beginning。

Lin Yu,Hide and watch。 Look more,The more excited。 because,The power of these two,Compared to myself,Not as good as myself。 this one,But I couldn’t think of it。 I thought before losing myself,Nebula Realm,I am very likely,Fight against each other,But at the moment,This result tells myself,Not。 “Star master,Oh no,Someone broke in。” When the two were

Which kings are so bauble?,This time is born!

Zhou Ye suddenly somewhat awkward。 He and Chen Riyuan are almost simultaneously turned。 Two people wearing protective clothing are standing in front of them!Tall! “Uh……Director。”Zhou Ye, I want to be wrong, I should not look wrong.。 These two people wearing protective clothing in the intensive area is Sun Jun and Hu Yu.? Sun Jun

Fu Yingxue has already asked organizational,Organize agree that the seedlings group give some business to Li Shu.,And still Suzhou,Hangzhou,Nanjing and other places will have branches,So you have an excuse to send goods and raw materials to Shanghai。

Qi Rui believes that Li Shu has the ability to rebuild the underground work group,It is necessary to do business in so many cities.,However, this is a resource that can be made with the grateful sister.。 Rui Rui will tell Tang Ling in his thoughts,Let him go to Li, explain how to operate,Only in this

“That……Thank you, Kogang, helping me before,Yan Jiapo is also a son……cough,If there is any martial arts in the son?,Do not disappear,Can find me to explore one two。”Wang Yizhen said something constant。

Before the Chu Deirers were in the Yulong,Let Wang Yin are ashamed while,Also very moving,Coupled with the extinguishing,Wang Yizhen naturally comes to thank you。 “Bigger,Should do this。”Chu Deirers feel that their body is full of positive energy。 “correct,My mother wants to have a banquet tonight.,Gratitude to the son,The son can have leisure?actually……Previous drug……It is best

“Ninja of the Nara family,Shoot with me!”

Shikamaru said,Side knot,The same ninja next to him also shot。 Multiple shadows are connected to the shadow of Kyuubi。 “hateful.Can’t so many people limit Kyuubi?.” Exercising the technique of a hundred heroes,Tsunade, who completely unlocked the yin seal of the water chestnut on his forehead, stepped on the ground and jumped up.,Hit Kyuubi with his

Even Guo Xiaoyi doesn’t care。

Anyway, Wang Yufei helped her do it! Yes,Since that day Wang Yufei promised not to let Guo Xiaoyi be troubled by mathematics in the future,Guo Xiaoyi feigned his resignation when moved,But after being rejected,The two of them completely started to release themselves。 Every day Wang Yufei helps Guo Xiaoyi tutoring for half an hour in

“dad,You call me。”Luo Shangzhong hurried in,Dignified expression。

“Boss……You and Shangjie,What did you say……Who do you kowtow to?……” Luo Shu on the hospital bed was pale,Breathing hard,Not speaking loudly,But I can hear you clearly。 Luo Shangzhong quickly walked to the hospital bed and sat down,Hold father’s hand,Told my father about the matter。 “No way!”Luo Shuguang’s face sank,Hate channel:“Can’t……For that bitch……kowtow……” “dad,This is the

“I saw someone on Douyin reposted our celebration video!”

“BStation too!” “On Zhihu, someone asked us why we have such a celebration……This question is so stupid……” While eating in the cafeteria,The players of Dongchuan Middle School sit around a few tables,While eating,While discussing recent hot topics。 This hot topic is of course their celebration。 At first I just wanted to joke around,Just kidding。Young people

“I come to you,I’m just worried that you will be angry with me because of this,Because this is my idea,Kind of bad,Slap you a bit,If you are not happy,Just rush to me,Just come to me alone。”Baby Ou sees Pei Huan,Found that his movements have not changed,Doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood,Just keep talking,“of course,If you don’t feel angry,Thank you for your generosity.”

Pei Huan quickly raised his head,“No need to。” Baby Ou tilted his head,No need? “No need to do this。I will make a clarification。I also know that Zhuge Yaoniang doesn’t mean anything to me。I’m just unwilling,Tease her badly。”Did Pei Huan apologize?,Because this is what he really wants to do,“Your idea,not bad。Very simply。”This is also true。 Baby