There is another layer deeply。

For Lingfeng and other guards,This is an attitude that the old master shows。 Even if those old brothers,Even if Wenshui serves him for decades for decades,Just because offended summer,It is an old house。 More about these guardians。 Dare to move summer,Laozi dares you to come back。 This is the attitude of the father.。 Everyone in

Large oblique!

Hand and raise hands,Steel-like black chess is drawn from the chessboard,Reduces on the board! The rich gunpowder is spread in the air.。 This is like a quiet chess hall in the library,No one noted that the light shadow was a layer of co-shaking colors.,Atmosphere extraction。 Sure enough, it is big. One of the three major


Volume Two:Admission First99chapter:Sign or not? Father and son are communicating in the ward,Conflicts in hotel suites have basically stopped。 Wang Gang has no extra energy to chase Gan Yifan,Weakly carry the knife,Breathing against the wall with a shield,The ground fell in all directions。 Nothing has changed in Gan Yifan,Tossing for a while, sweating slightly,Just a

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Seeing that the six people in front of me look a little panicked,The corner of Posey’s mouth slightly raised,Whisper“Don’t be nervous,Xu Sheng,It’s me or you?” Xu Sheng said“Let me do it,Seniors,The reason why I don’t plan to accept Poseidon’s inheritance,Everyone should know that it’s because I have obtained the gods before then” The Seventh God’s

He will be like this from before to now,Mainly I don’t think it means much,Not myself(shēn)Real friend,Why bother to provoke,Maybe I suffered in the end。

But Zheng Li,Will definitely set(shēn)Extraneous,What happened to her,About her experience(qíng)Indifferent,As if nothing happened to him,Huang Lei believes the other party did it,After all, the other party is such a person,Nothing good,Used to it。 Huang Lei just arrived at the gate of the hospital,Preparing to call a car,The girl came here,The girl was very surprised when

Compared to other types of students,Only him is a worker on the construction site,Temperament is completely different。

Girls prefer him to be a cool handsome guy with sculptural beauty,That kind of handsome,As long as it cannot exceed Momo,Can’t surpass Xiaofeng,Then there is nothing special to pay attention to。 Jian Peng’s unique style,Is the reason for his popularity,But that’s why he will definitely leave。 why? In a combination,Although it requires many different

But she adjusted her mood quickly,Anyway,Next, she will take responsibility for the person who hasn’t slipped in front of her。

The whole world is not optimistic about him,I can’t just give up on him anyway。 Give yourself a year,Give him a year,I believe it will definitely make Hu Lai reborn。 At that time, I must let my father know that Hu Lai taught him! Thought of here,Li Qingqing straightened slightly,Cleared his throat,Then said to Hu

“Yep,almost,This task is very difficult,I’m going to pick a few very clever subordinates and follow me,You two are obedient,I’ll take you two together。”

Qin Liang has a chance,Immediately made up a lie,He knew this would definitely attract these two chicks,It’s a big deal. I really take them out and find a place to complete it.“task”Just cross,Really can’t do,You can also arrange a few dragon soul warriors they haven’t seen before,Have a game“Fake”Fight is also possible…… For Qin Liang,This