“I have been waiting for a long time.,Old three。”North Yinyang is like a mountain,It seems that it is the same as a mountain,He gives people a majestic feeling at the moment.,Nine days,Nine rounds of moon cage on the top of the head。

Let the Buddha are the center of the universe.。 “Two http://www.slmnet.cn brother,me too。”Lin Fenglang laughed:“Jade,Brahman,A person,People are aligned,We can fight。” His blood is boiling between him,Blood seems to be a burning,A powerful war, a strong war。 With the rise of this powerful war,Lin Feng’s body also emerged in the airflow of the earth.,The ancient clock

Temporarily telling this,15 super masters in the gods,I dare not act in a short time.。”

The ear of the ear is to say。 Just at this time,The previous Ji Bao bottle is hidden,Touch your eyes lightly。 耳 怔,Stating the soon。 But just at this time,Significant sound,Low voice,“Uncle……”Um? Ji Bao bottle stopped footsteps,眉 蹙 蹙,Eye gods。 “My master entered the world.,She wants to see http://www.longjuhotel.cn you……”Heard this sentence,Ji Bao bottle is

Dugu Fengyun raised his head and laughed,Said,“Mr. Mo,Are you kidding me?The big celebrity of the dignified military intelligence department,How could this kind of occasion be missing you,Why would you still need me to take you there??”

“This one,The leader above said he didn’t want me to participate,Said it was to protect me,I don’t want anyone from the Sword Master League to have any contact with me……”Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,Said。 Dugu Fengyun nodded solemnly when he heard this,Pondered:“This is understandable,After all, you are not a full-time member of the army,And have a

The latter looked at Xu Sheng with no fear,Change the look before……

“Na Sheng,Talk to Xiao Wu,I’ll go there first”After Tang San gestured,Turned around to Ning Rongrong,Zhu Zhuqing walked over there…… Xiao Wu took a deep breath,Staring at Xu Sheng in front of you without showing any weakness,Waiting for his next…… Xu Sheng’s mouth is slightly tilted,No expression on his face,A leisurely tone“I should call you a

Shen Ruoxi sighed and said。

“Who knows what happened to you girl tonight,It’s like a chicken blood,Unstoppable rhythm with excitement,You are so embarrassed to say。” Murong Shan lay down first,Then she ridiculed Shen Ruoxi。 “Maybe it’s because Xiaoyun and Xiaoxue are not there,I’m a little too happy,That’s why I’m so excited。” Shen Ruoxi thought for a while,Then he answered uncertainly。

Du Lei paused,Saying like Lu Yuan:“Such a big girl,Don’t worry。”

“Haha,I’ll find him afterwards,I told him what happened,He still said,Obviously dislikes me。” Du Lei quickly said:“do not,Don’t,Otherwise your brother should say that my mouth is broken,Tell you everything。” Ding Yi said coquettishly:“Better than sister-in-law,Brother is not good。” Du Lei looked at her,Said:“He said that because he was anxious for you,How can you say he is