It seems that this night is this night.,What strengths have quietly changed the pattern in the dark。

midnight,The whole house is falling into sleep,Even the bamboo knife forged room is turned off.。 The only thing is not turned off,Is the living room of Xuan Yuxi,Seeing that he is not going to sleep tonight.。 Western thousand people came out of the house,Before going to the home,He looked back and looked at the


Just when the knife is about to touch the neck of Xia Xue,I saw her slap in a low head.,Insurance and danger。 “call。” At the same time, let’s go back.。 Flavor。 This moment。 Xia Xue’s white right arm is like a hand whip.,Take a whistling,Xiu Xiu rang,Bloom high-pressure airflow。 “what!” Xu Bo is shocked,The

At this time most of the talents are interested,The onlookers are closer,See if there will be jade,How big is the emerald,What a good jade。

Mu Ruru also took Shen Huan and Mu Guishu to the side of his three pieces of gambling。 At this time she finally didn’t ignore her dad,Otherwise, Mu Guishu will be out of anger。 Because the manpower is very rich,Six pieces of jadeite are solved together。 2The number is bigger,Have80Cm high,Irregular perimeter,The widest is40More cm,The

And I promised Lu Yuxin that he would produce a lot of results as soon as possible,Wang Yufei naturally did it harder。

Of course not just because of Lu Yuxin,Wang Yufei still wants to make the results before going to Huaqing,As a gift for Guo Xiaoyi。 As summer approaches,After learning that my brother and sister-in-law have already registered through the school to prepare for the college entrance examination this year, I went to Huaqing for school in

Gan Yifan just got out of the car at this moment,I looked up and saw the neon sign of the Qin Palace Hotel,He suddenly had an impulse,A fire burned。

of course,Just impulsive,He wouldn’t do such stupid things in broad daylight,He made a call。 “Have something to say,Nothing to trouble me。”Instructor Chen’s impatient voice came from the earpiece。 “Something。”Gan Yifan said。 “Really something?wait……”Instructor Chen yelled from the receiver,Obviously busy practicing,I don’t know if it’s training a new batch of students with mutation factors,After a while:“Long

Have to admit,Even if you cross into the two-dimensional world,This is still a society that looks at faces。

Even though Lynn is wearing only ordinary western school uniforms,But only with a handsome face,It is enough to make the young lady who is standing behind President Ueno blush。 Even to the end,She even took advantage of others not paying attention,Quietly came a small note with a phone number written on it。 Regardless of past

In the evening,He is sitting in the living room chatting with the girls,The doorbell rang,Shen Ruoxue jumped up from the sofa,Ran over and opened the door,Then he called Qin Liang’s name loudly。

“Who’s here?Why don’t you invite guests in??” Qin Liang asked strangely,One side stood up and walked to the door,Take a look,Standing outside the door,It’s actually that old Liu! “Haha,I have a hasty,This is not Younger Liu?how?What the ghost you sent today,Failed to clean up me,So you are still not convinced?Want to come again and ask

“Sorry,I’m blocking the brothers……”

Yang Zhi said embarrassingly。 Because when Qin Liang was away,Yang Zhi is everyone’s“Second leader”,Usually he is used to casually in front of these brothers,Coupled with his love and desire for Shen Ruoxue,All well-known things,So he never thought about covering up in front of everyone,But he realized at this moment;I look so decadent every day,Will bring

Her reaction seemed to confirm Tian Yan’s guess,He stared at her bloodless face and said:“Did you give me a green hat long ago,speak?”

Xia Jihan’s face turned from white to red,It’s like being stripped naked in public,Ashamed。She calmed down for a long time before she said:“I don’t understand you。” Tian Yin’s fists are clenched together,Said:“You don’t understand do you?” Xia Jihan also gave up,Instead speak calmly:“Please be quiet。” What else does Tian Ying want to say,Turn head,Unplug the