Lin Feng continued to look down,This is the two sentiments,Specifically, it is a sense of death and death after death.。

So-called,It is the time when it is not a zombie.,At that time, the will be a person.,One can be with Xuanyuan Great,蚩蚩,Strong Strong Strong Square,Life annotation and sentiments are here。 So-called death,Minister,Not willing to die,With residual will and opportunities,He embedded another road to practice.,Zombie,Awakening,Therefore, it is called a generation of zombies.。 “It’s really ahead!”

“Of course not to fight,I’m leaving now“Wang Youcai said,Turn around and leave。He knew,Zhao Hong is not scaring him,The police station must have called Zhao Hong like this。What did you commit,He still has a bottom。

From the village committee,Wang Youcai hurried back home,He really doesn’t dare to be arrogant now。If this was before,What did he commit,Even if the second brother Wang Youdao can’t come out and speak for him,The people who do the work have to weigh one or two,But now people take the tea cool,No one will buy

“Injustice and debt,Your young master has paid it back。”Zhu Minglang said。

———— First305chapter Recover the spirit vein …… late at night,An isolated city standing on a hillside,Several people in guard clothes were tied up by five flowers,Hung above the gate of the isolated city。 Their wrists were slit,The blood is constantly flowing,But no one dared to untie them,Not dare to give them medicine。 Time passes

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———— Chapter 100 Revealing Identity(Subscribe) “Humph,I really thought you crooked melons and cracked dates could catch me,Really whimsical,Did you forget when Lao Tzu used his own power to destroy your sub-temple?,I remember your brother was injured by me,You think you are stronger than magic card?”Lin Yan snorted coldly。 The magic flute frowned,Only then did he

“what!?”Dong Meitong was even more frightened,Screamed at several security guards,“You still won’t catch him!”

The security saw that Mr. Joe was beaten again,I also feel a tingling scalp——This is going to happen! The security guards can’t think too much,Going forward“catch”Chu Yi。 But at this moment,A terrified roar suddenly sounded in the sales hall。 “stop!!!!!” ———— First69chapter Kids,Do you have many question marks? “stop!!!!!” Horrified roar,Like a thunder in the

“Mr. Ye?”

Wu Detian startled。 Mr. Ye or Mr. Niu,All have to make way for Sun Shao。 He raised his head,Look at the so-called Ye Tianzong,When the eyes meet,His pupils shrink! Actually these two poor! Why are you still here? Didn’t you let them go?? I’m still watching the car here,And is competing with Sun Dashao? “Song

“Haha,It was originally intended to be left to Muye,Now it seems to be used on you。”Mu Feng is not depressed,Said with clear eyes。

Xia Chenglong frowned,Have a bad feeling。 really,The breath of Mu Feng’s body changed again,It can be seen that the spiritual power is absorbed by the other party,This energy fluctuation…… Martial arts that can cause changes in the energy of heaven and earth,At the very least, it is a very high-level martial art,Moreover, it is impossible

“You really can talk……”

Zhou Meili complimented Liu Xiaoyun and praised Liu Xiaoyun.。 “I am telling the truth,I didn’t fool you。” Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile。 “Murong is very good,I watched the TV news report about her desperate to save people the other day。” Zhou Meili turned the topic off。 “should say,She didn’t let you save her。” Liu